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Are We Substituting Human Interaction with Animal Interaction?

Recently an article published on Care2 by Sarah Cooke claimed we are filling our emotional needs with pets instead of people. The author said we are not appreciating animals for what they really are. Cooke maintains that having an animal

The Next Benji

Walden Media is teaming up with writer, director and producer Brandon Camp to recreate the movie “Benji”. Also joining the team is Mark Forbes, a well-known animal trainer who has worked on blockbuster movies such as “We Bought a Zoo”

Using Pet Insurance to Cover Unexpected Veterinary Costs

A recent article on LakeForestPatch.com, a website providing comprehensive local coverage of Lake Forest, California, told the story of a pet owner named Gina and her Flat-Coated Retriever McKenzie. Flat-Coated Retrievers are prone to cancer and at seven years old

In the News: Grieving for a Lost Pet

In a recent Washington Post article, journalist Joe Yonan discusses the heart-wrenching experience of losing his beloved Doberman Pinscher Red and how the grieving process was eerily similar (even worse) to when he lost his father and beloved sister. He asks

College Students as Pet Owners

Whether you grow up with pets or have simply always wanted a pet and have never had the opportunity, its inevitable that you will start thinking of getting your own pet once you move away from home. Many college students