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Five Tips on Selecting a Pet Insurance Provider

Eye on Annapolis, a blog written for the local community of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County (Maryland), recently published an article on choosing a pet insurance provider. The article was written by Marianne Bailey, a companion animal veterinarian at South Arundel

In the News: Saving on Pet Costs

As Americans continue to live through a lackluster economy, with poor consumer confidence and high unemployment rates, they are consistently trying to think of ways to save money. News articles pop up all over the country outlining money-saving tips, including

Sometimes Animals and Cars Don’t Mix

Admiral Insurance, an insurance company based in the U.K., recently published a press release on the most unusual claims they saw involving animals. From elephants to spiders, all types of animals have caused accidents on the roadways, according to this

Pets in the Classroom

The Pet Care Trust, a non-profit foundation that works to promote public understanding of the joys and benefits of pets, has sponsored a program called Pets in the Classroom. This program helps teachers by awarding them grants to be used to purchase

In the News: High Maintenance Dog Breeds

I’ve always been told I have a high-maintenance dog. Most of that comes from her health, since she has had health problems for years, requiring daily medication, a special diet, and a variety of food and play restrictions. She is