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Pet of the Week: Sofie

My name is Sofie. I am four months old. I am very sweet and love people as well as other dogs. I love to chew on everything I can get my paws on so my mom had to puppy proof

Best Pet Stories and Pet Photos for Pet Insurance Month 2012 – Trupanion

This past month, we have been requesting your stories and pet photos that describe how a pet has changed your life. We received numerous entries which made it very difficult to choose our top 5 finalists. But our committee sat

This Week in Testimonials – 8/31

Thank you Trupanion!!! My dog ate a toy that didn’t belong to him. Emergency surgery, big bill, submit bill to Trupanion, Trupanion pay big bill!!!! -Jennifer D. All we want to say is Trupanion ROCKS!! Can’t thank you guys enough

Pet-Friendly Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Is your dog or cat afraid of your vacuum cleaner? The newest house-cleaning gadget named Cocorobo hopes to solve this problem! This Roomba-like vacuum cleaner roams your house in the same manner as the Roomba but is much smarter. It

New Technology Allows You To Video Chat Your Dog

Ever wonder what your dog or cat is up to while you’re away? A new start-up company is coming out with a product that will allow you to do just that! The technology, named PetChatz, will work like a video