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Guest Post: Jowls or Howls? What Your Dog Says About You

According to the Humane Society, there are more than 78 million dogs owned as pets in the US, which is 39% of total households. The American people have spoken, and their voices are a chorus of “woof woof woof.” Dogs have

Pet of the Week: Frankie and Freckles

Say hello to this week’s Pets of the Week, Frankie and Freckles! About Frankie Our home had long been a fur-ever home to second-hand adult dogs.  The opportunity presented itself to adopt and raise a blue eyed puppy from a

How to Care for a Sick Pet

Nobody likes catching a cold or a bout of the stomach flu. It makes the subsequent days very boring, sleepy and uncomfortable. If you can picture your favorite dog or cat in that position – or worse – then you

Warm and Fuzzy Pets

The weather outside is chilly (for most of us) and it’s important that we keep our pets warm, safe, and healthy during these cold winter months. We’ve provided some cold weather pet tips and asked for you to share a

Pet New Year’s Resolutions: Honorable Mentions

This week, we asked you to share your pet’s (or YOUR pet-related) New Year’s resolution! We wish everyone the best of luck in sticking to their goals and a Happy New Year! My New Year’s resolution for my dog is