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Fun Holiday Cat Pictures

The popular website ICanHasCheezburger has dedicated an entire page to all the funny holiday cat pictures they recieve. Looking to get into the holiday spirit? Need a little pick-me-up after a long day braving the lines at the mall? These

December Facebook Fun

Thanks for sharing your kind words and cute pictures lately! We LOVE them! Sometimes when I feel blue about my crummy luck with my dogs, I cheer myself up by looking at much much I’ve saved because of insurance. Total

Facebook Pet Pictures

There have been so many cute pet pictures posted on our Facebook page lately, that I wanted to commemorate them with a blog post. Thank you to everyone who has posted pet pictures, and as always, keep ’em coming! (click

Best Buddies Giveaway: Honorable Mentions

We LOVED this giveaway because it’s sooo cute to see pets getting along with other pets, or just snuggling up with their favorite toy 🙂 So thanks to everyone who posted a picture to enter this giveaway. Though all pictures