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5 Breeds with Long Lifespans

When one compares the average longevity of a dog to a human, the results are disheartening. Dogs go from puppy-hood to the golden years in the blink of an eye it seems. Nevertheless, there are some breeds which have characteristically … Continue reading

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The epiphany of life. Courtesy of the dog.

My grandmother raised me from the age of two after the loss of my parents and growing up she showered me & my sister with everything imaginable trying to make up for their absence. We always had pets of every … Continue reading

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playin’ in a travelin’ band

As I mentioned in my last blog, my dogs are travelin’ dogs. I always take them everywhere I go. Last summer we went to the beach and it was so difficult to find a hotel that allowed pets that I … Continue reading

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YO! Hold my poodle

So we took a little road trip this week down south because it was some relative’s prom day. Where I come from, there’s always a prom parade and it’s a matter of which student can make the better entrance. They … Continue reading

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They live here too

What really gets on my nerves is when someone comes to visit me then complains about my dogs. They live here! You don’t! No, I will not yell at  my dog to get down off the couch while you’re sitting … Continue reading

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Lovable? CHECK! Cute? CHECK! Friendly?… oy vey

This morning when taking Misty & Waylon for their morning walks we came across a lady in our complex walking her dog (a much bigger dog than Waylon & Misty combined) and again Waylon starts barking uncontrollably and lunging at … Continue reading

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The Door Stop Monster & The Poodle Cat?

Sometimes when I play fetch with my dogs, I convince myself I should have been in the NBA. Why is it that no matter how many times you try you can never pull of a feat so incredible as when … Continue reading

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Raining On My Parade

I think its official, I have the two laziest dogs ever. I wouldn’t necessarily call them “lap dogs” they’re more like “couch, floor, coffee table, anywhere-I-can-find-a-place-to-lay-down dogs” & my word, they snore! Especially my poodle! she snores like a freight … Continue reading

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It’s a dogs world; we just live in it.

Deep in the heart of the bluegrass live Misty, a 6 lb toy poodle & Waylon, a 9 lb pekingese/poodle mix (or commonly referred to as a peek-a-poo) & I must say they are two of the most selfish, jealous, … Continue reading

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