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Animal Abusers to Register Their Status in New York

It was recently announced that Suffolk County in New York has created the nation’s first animal abuse registry, requiring people convicted of cruelty to animals to register with the county. If these offenders fail to register, they face jail time and fines. The

Pet keeping. Are we truly committed?

The following guest post comes from Eric, from PetKeeper.com   I’ve joined the Twitter-verse and been an active tweeter for several months now. What an incredible way for all of us in the pet community to share our stories and

Pets and Distracted Driving

A recent article by CBS highlights the dangers of driving while distracted by pets. We all know that driving while distracted by anything else (cell phones, applying makeup, eating) isn’t a good idea, and driving with a pet on your

Top 10 Pet Names – Things Not To Eat!

This week’s top 10 has a little twist. We’re featuring the top names of pets that are related to things that our pets should not eat! 🙂 Lily – this is a very popular pet name, and it should also

Trupanion Sees Spike in Ligament Injuries During Summer Months

Trupanion notes an increase in pet insurance claims for cruciate ligament damages and ties this to warm weather. (PR.com) August 16, 2010 – Trupanion, a pet insurance company, reports a 29.76% rise in pet insurance claims for cruciate ligament damage between January