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Fun Facts About Puppies

Curious tiny noses, clumsy movements, and wiggly butts make puppies undeniably adorable. While many of us have had the pleasure of spending time with puppies, there’s always more to learn! Here are some fun facts about your little canines. 6 Facts About Puppies We

Tips for Adopting a Pet

It’s a very exciting time when you decide to adopt a dog or cat. You’re adding a new member to the family, you get to watch the animal grow and develop, and there’s lots of time to play and cuddle.

Woof! Today is National Puppy Day

Today is a day that anyone can jump on board with because it’s all about puppies! In honor of National Puppy day, we decided to provide you with some puppy quotes and cute puppy pictures. ❤ There is no psychiatrist in the

Dog breeder welcomes 27 mastiff puppies in same week

A recent article on TODAY talks about a dog breeder in Germany who found herself with a total of 27 puppies all in one week! Beatrice Oswald is a Mastiff breeder based in Aken, Germany. Her 2-year-old dog Elfi birthed

Video: Puppies Get Special Treatment at Human Hospital

I just came across this heartwarming story of two puppies who walked into a human hospital in Texas, starved and exhausted, and were lovingly cared for by the doctors and nurses on duty. With all the terrible things we hear