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How to Keep Your Golden Retriever Healthy in Every Stage of Life

So you just brought home a wiggly little Golden Retriever puppy who’s tumbling across your yard and snuggling by your side. Now what? It’s important to feed your Golden a well-balanced diet, give them regular exercise, and stay on top

Trupanion Importance of Pet Insurance for Small Pets

Trupanion, a pet health insurance company, reminds owners of small pets that pet insurance is especially beneficial for their pets. A small Yorkshire Terrier, Felix, is insured with Trupanion and recently broke his leg. Trupanion repaid the claim in the amount of $2,139.92. Six weeks later, Felix returned to the vet for an examination and jumped from his owner’s arms, causing the break of his other front leg. Continue reading

Pet Insurance Company Emphasizes Enrolling Pets as Early as Possible

Pet insurance company, Trupanion, emphasizes the importance of insuring pets as soon as possible. Zackey, a six-month-old English Bulldog puppy who enrolled with Trupanion in January came down with both pneumonia and renal failure, costing his owners over ten thousand dollars. Since Zackey has been enrolled with pet insurance, Trupanion has repaid 90% of his claimable expenses totaling $9,671.68. Continue reading