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What is a Puppy?

We hope that all of you have been enjoying your weekend. Here is a sweet poem we wanted to share with you all. Happy Sunday! What Is a Puppy? A puppy is a fluffy bundle of joy Who can turn … Continue reading

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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Foreign Body Ingestion – Corn Husk

Charlie, the American Bulldog puppy was exploring the trash can and earned himself a trip to the vet! He swallowed a corn husk and had to be rushed to receive emergency veterinary care. The veterinarian took radiographs and ultrasounds of … Continue reading

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How a Bowl Should be Licked

This is an adorable e-mail forward that I recently received. If you haven’t seen this one yet, you’re in for a treat!

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“I love my pet’s face” Giveaway – Honorable Mentions

This week’s giveaway was tons of fun because we got to see so many cute and silly pictures of your pets’ faces! They were all fantastic photos, but just to mention a few: And the winner of the random drawing:

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Pet-Proof Your Home for New Puppies and Kittens

As grown humans, we have enough common sense not to chew on electrical cords or climb up to high surfaces from which we could easily fall. However, pets don’t think this way so it’s important to puppy- or kitten-proof your … Continue reading

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She’s a Big Girl Now

They grow so fast. Sniff. Last night at agility, Fiona did the full-size dog walk without hesitation. It may not sound like a big deal, but for Fiona it was. For months she’s been frightened and would promptly turn around … Continue reading

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A week in the life of Porky

Ahh.. What a week! I think the kids are out to drive me crazy. Anabelle, my four-year-old, likes to play games. She doesn’t understand that I don’t like some of her toys. So when she falls asleep I eat them. … Continue reading

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Feeding and Caring for Your Puppy

You’ve probably got a load of manuals or printouts from various websites regarding dog etiquette and puppy care. Or maybe you have had a puppy before and are not new to pet ownership. Either way, it’s not a bad idea to review general guidelines for optimal puppy care. Continue reading

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Housebreaking Your Puppy

It may seem as if housebreaking your puppy is breaking your spirit, not to mention ruining your favorite carpet. Soldier on. It will get better. Start with the proper attitude: love, patience, and consistent behavior will go a long way in making sure you train your new effectively. And since it’s probably not realistic to think you can constantly supervise your puppy as he is being housebroken, here are a couple of tried-and- true methods to breaking in your pet without breaking your spirit. Continue reading

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The Benefits of Getting Pet Insurance for a Puppy

While pet insurance is very beneficial to pets of all age, pet owners will find particular value if they get pet insurance when their dog is a puppy. Signing up for pet insurance at any age is certainly a good financial decision to make. However, pet owners will reap extra benefits of pet insurance if they sign up while their pet is young. Continue reading

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