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Gracie Takes an Unfortunate Leap

Happy Leap Day! Today is a unique day, a day that only comes around once every four years. As I thought about how I wanted to commemorate this day on the blog I realized I had the perfect story to

In the News: Rising Pet Care Costs

A recent article written by Chris Ramirez of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review discussed the rise in veterinary costs associated with advanced veterinary care. The article opened with the story of Buttercup, a Golden Retriever puppy who ended up in the hospital

The Story of a $5,000 Veterinary Bill

We never want to think about something catastrophic happening to our pets, but the truth is, it happens. And while the expense of saving our beloved furry friends is hard to put priority to, it can be expensive, which only leads to

Wall Street Journal Article Discusses Pet Insurance

Recently an article in the Wall Street Journal discussed pet insurance and how it can combat the high cost of medical care generated by our pets.It mentions how more advanced-care options in areas such as ophthalmology as well as treatment of conditions

News Reporter Sees the Value of Pet Insurance

Melissa Hankins, a reporter for WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina, recently learned first hand how important pet insurance can be. In a recent broadcast, she took her own experience with a sick pet to do a story on pet insurance.