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Just How Important Is A Pet Seat Belt?

I’ve written about the importance of pet safety in cars in the past because it’s an issue I feel very passionately about. My own adopted dog of nearly three years had a car seat belt in her size before I

What Travelers Should Know When Sharing a Vacation With a Pet

Do you travel with your pet? PETCO recently released some fantastic tips that every traveling pet parent should take into consideration: As pets continue to become more integrated into their owner’s lives, more and more will be joining their family

Animal Abusers to Register Their Status in New York

It was recently announced that Suffolk County in New York has created the nation’s first animal abuse registry, requiring people convicted of cruelty to animals to register with the county. If these offenders fail to register, they face jail time and fines. The

Pet Tips for the Holidays

As we are all quite aware, the holidays are a busy, bustling time for us with shopping, cooking, cleaning, preparing and hosting that our pets often get overlooked. During this time, it’s easy to overlook common hazards and dangers presented

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pets

If you live in a neighborhood full of kids, then Halloween can be a crazy and stressful time for your pets. The loud knocks or ringing of the doorbell every few minutes accompanied by new faces, smells, and sounds can