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Guest Post: Tips to Help Separation Anxiety in Dogs

One of the best joys of dog ownership is developing a tight bond with our dogs. Dogs prefer to live in groups because naturally they are highly social pack animals. When they are separated from their packs, separation anxiety occurs.

Crate Training and Separation Anxiety

Crate training a dog with separation anxiety can be challenging and dangerous for the dog. If your dog has extreme separation anxiety, consult your veterinarian or local dog trainer. My dog Ellie is an example of a dog with mild

Back to school: Pencils, check. Backpack, check. Fido?

It’s that back-to-school time yet again. Aside from school supply lists and new shoes, we may forget to take into consideration what “back to school” means—for our pets. While it’s something we don’t tend to think about, pets experience a big

Top 10 Tips for Dealing with Separation Anxiety

We like to be reassured how much our pets love us, but no one wants to deal with a noisy, destructive pet when they’re trying to leave the house. If your pet shows signs of distress when left alone, he