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Lovable? CHECK! Cute? CHECK! Friendly?… oy vey

This morning when taking Misty & Waylon for their morning walks we came across a lady in our complex walking her dog (a much bigger dog than Waylon & Misty combined) and again Waylon starts barking uncontrollably and lunging at

Shy Dogs: How to Bring Them Out of Their Shell

Just like people, some dogs may be more shy than others. There are many things you can do to help him become more comfortable in his surroundings. A recent article provided by the Michigan Humane Society provided us with some

It’s a dogs world; we just live in it.

Deep in the heart of the bluegrass live Misty, a 6 lb toy poodle & Waylon, a 9 lb pekingese/poodle mix (or commonly referred to as a peek-a-poo) & I must say they are two of the most selfish, jealous,