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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Swallowed Mouse Toy

Razzmatazz the Maine Coon kitten is not even 11 months old yet and has already “down 2 of his 9 lives” as his owner put it. The curious kitty recently swallowed a little toy mouse and has needed two surgeries

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Peritonitis

Buddy is a young, 1-year-old mixed breed dog. Unfortunately, Buddy recently experienced a serious health issue with peritonitis. The peritoneum is the lining of the abdominal cavity and peritonitis is the inflammation of this lining. If the condition becomes severe, it can

Bruno’s Life-Saving Pet Insurance Story

I have to add my comments to the many who have thanked you for your service.  My pit bull Bruno had a simple case of indigestion.  As dogs do when they have tummy aches, he started eating grass.  But grass

Pet of the Week: Allie

This sweet pup is Allie, this week’s Pet of the Week! Our family’s newest member is Allie, a puppy Labradoodle. We decided to get pet insurance because we know the early years of a puppy’s life sometimes brings accidents or

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Premature Closure of Ulna

This week’s claim features a sweet Beagle named Buttercup whose owner was kind enough to post a photo of her on our Facebook page. Buttercup has been dealing with complications of premature closure of her right distal ulnar growth plate.