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Useful Tips for Cat Owners

Taking care of a cat is similar to being a dog owner in many ways. Proper medical check-ups and vaccinations, a healthy diet, and plenty of affection are staples of a lasting bond between pet and person. Cats do exhibit

Top 10 Pet Insurance Tips

Interested in choosing a pet health coverage plan, but feeling the effects of information-overload? Employ these tips as convenient checkpoints along your journey. 1. Learn about the prevailing characteristics of your pet’s breed. In doing so, you will become educated

Pet New Year’s Resolutions: Honorable Mentions

This week, we asked you to share your pet’s (or YOUR pet-related) New Year’s resolution! We wish everyone the best of luck in sticking to their goals and a Happy New Year! My New Year’s resolution for my dog is

What to do with a stray or feral cat

Do you have a stray cat wandering around your property? Here’s how to help! According to estimates from The Feral Cat Coalition, there are over 60 million stray and feral cats in the United States. If you see a cat

Holiday Pet Tips Shared by You

Be safe with your pets this holiday season. Here are some fantastic tips shared by YOU: I hand out Tiki’s treats to guests upon arrival and make expectations of behavior and diet clear. Everyone feels better knowing what behavior is