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Useful Tips for Cat Owners

Taking care of a cat is similar to being a dog owner in many ways. Proper medical check-ups and vaccinations, a healthy diet, and plenty of affection are staples of a lasting bond between pet and person. Cats do exhibit

Brain and Brawn Games for Dogs

To keep your dog happy and healthy, you’ve got to enjoy some good playing time together. Both the mental and physical are warranted – mental challenges help stimulate their brain just like physical exercise works out their muscles. Below are

Safe Pet Toys

Believe it or not, toys are more than some frivolous means to distract your pet while you are working or just want some quiet time. Toys play an instrumental role in the development of a healthy and well-behaved dog or

Yahoo!’s Next Move Should Be Pet Toys

Recent news has been swirling around Yahoo! after the company fired its CEO Carol Bartz over the phone and a possible sale of the company has been rumored. Yesterday afternoon at the Trupanion office, we came up with another direction

Needy Dog? Keep Him Busy!

One thing that I’ve learned about bringing Ellie to work is that she has become very needy. Sure, it’s my fault for giving in and petting her every time she pokes my hand with her nose, but it has become