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Tips On Getting Through The Puppy Teething Stage

If you have recently brought a puppy into your life, you may be surprised by how much they chew. Puppies are notorious for chewing on anything within their reach including shoes, furniture and other inappropriate objects. Know that when your

My Bond with Roku

My husband and I have four pets including two dogs and two cats. When my husband and I met we combined my two cats and his two dogs into one happy family and as happy as we may seem, Roku,

Guest Post: Why Crating is Right for Your Dog

For whatever reason crate training has a bit of a tarnished reputation.  Perhaps it’s the misguided and often contradictory information or maybe the bad examples set by some who, knowingly or not, lock their dog in the crate for hours

Guest Post: Dog Training vs. Dog Behavior

There are many types of dog training. It is a panoptic word that most people use to encompass everything related to dog training and behavior under the sun. In actuality, the bottom line of what people are looking for regardless

The Basics of Clicker Training part 3

There are many benefits of clicker training your dog. If you’ve decided to start, you must first acclimate your dog to the clicker. Start by teaching your dog the significance of the clicker and allowing him to get used to