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Nutritious Treats Your Furry Companion will Love

Recently an article published on the Huffington Post by Dr. Karen Becker, named off some delicious treats your pet will love. Providing our pets with good quality food is essential to their health and if you can make something healthy

Happy Birthday: Pupcakes Recipe & Kitty Birthday Cake

The following recipe is brought to you by What The Cupcake.  What better way is there to celebrate your dog’s birthday than by baking a cake or cupcakes? As we all know, pets love special treats. This recipe is one

Jerky Dog Treats From China Could Be Toxic

We’ve written about potentially dangerous jerky dog treats from China in the past, but wanted to reiterate as it seems to be popping up in the news again lately. According to a recent article on abc News, “the Food and

National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

Today is National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day! (Seems like there is a day for everything nowadays, right?) In honor of this unique day, we encourage you to get into the kitchen and treat your dog with some homemade biscuits! There

FDA Warns About Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

Does your dog enjoy some good jerky treats? You may want to check the labels and be cautious about what’s on your shelves. The FDA has noticed an increase in dogs getting sick from chicken jerky products made in China.