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Tru Hero finalist: Zedd and Dr. Borque

Last year my five year old cat Zedd was not acting like his usual self; he had almost no appetite and had been losing weight slowly for a few months. We had been tempting him with treats to get some … Continue reading

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Tru Hero finalist: Kumbi

My Australian Terrier Kumbi, diabetic and blind, died suddenly and unexpectedly at home, Tuesday 8 June, 2010 – just before his breakfast-time. I carried him out to the car, laid him on the passenger seat, and drove to the clinic, … Continue reading

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Tru Hero finalist: Dinglehopper

Anyone who has owned a dog could tell you of the happiness and joy that they can bring to our lives. In January 2006, I was lucky enough to welcome Dinglehopper, a 4 month old Pomeranian, to my family. I … Continue reading

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Tru Hero finalist: Johnny and Dr. Butan

I want to personally take the time to let you know how much your company has done for my family and our puppy (johnny) and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. A month ago, my family got … Continue reading

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Tru Hero finalist: Scooter

I cannot pick one specific veterinarian to be the best, because it was a group effort to save my dogs life.  The team of vets at NC State Veterinary Teaching hospital are the best!  My Great Dane Scooter was down … Continue reading

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