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Tru Hero Holiday Promotion Finalists

“Tru Hero” Finalists We received over 100 entries for the Tru Hero promotion and enjoyed reading each and every one of them! Some stories made us laugh, some made us cry, and we had a very difficult time deciding on

Tru Hero Finalist – Buddy

You never won a race, You never saved a life, You never won a dog show, You weren’t great at ‘fetch’… And, you certainly weren’t the most obedient. But you had a heart of gold… and the sweetest nature. You

Tru Hero Finalist – My Southern Souvenirs

My story starts in a small rural section of the South, very rural. I had just left my Aunt’s House on a nice, chilly October day. She had fallen and broken her hip and I went down to see if

Tru Hero Finalist – Karen

Nine years ago in the middle of July at 6:00 p.m. in the evening outside of Austin, Texas I found a litter of four puppies beside the country road we lived off of.  The temperature was still close to 100

Tru Hero Finalist – Duke

He was found cold and wet, wandering the lakeside, a torn garbage bag hung loosely around his neck, evidence of the horrors he had to go through to survive the past few days. Unfortunately an all to common occurrence, with