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Completing My Family: How My Dog Chose Me

The following post was written by Jordan Rubin, Trupanion’s new Manager of Communication. Jordan shares his story of how his handsome dog Lazlo joined his family. My wife and I had wanted to get a puppy for quite some time.

My Experience as a First Time Pet Owner

Growing up my best friend’s mom had a Yorkshire terrier that went by the name of Bug. Bug was a loyal, loveable, and overall great companion to their family. When I was making the decision of what type of breed

Gracie Takes an Unfortunate Leap

Happy Leap Day! Today is a unique day, a day that only comes around once every four years. As I thought about how I wanted to commemorate this day on the blog I realized I had the perfect story to

Guest Post: A Fiesty Cairn Terrier Named Ziggy

The following is a guest post written by Brent at Optimize Guys. Brent loves dogs. He volunteers his time with Rich Currie at HealthyJointCare.com, providing the top trusted dog health products on the market. Ziggy, like many other Cairn Terriers,

Video: 5 Years with my (Broken) Dog

Recently, a Trupanion policyholder posted a video on our Facebook page that told the story of her dog, Maggie, an American Pitbull Terrier who suffered several accidents and illnesses over a five-year period. Poor Maggie had four knee surgeries, a