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Veterinary Hospital Starts Recommending Pet Insurance

Richman Animal Clinic, a veterinary clinic located in Richmond Heights, OH, recently announced that they are working to increase awareness of pet insurance as a way to strengthen their commitment to customer service and animal care. Dr. Jeffery A. Richman, the

10 Ways to Save Money at the Vet

Looking for ways to cut corners? By taking preventive measures and keeping your pet save, you can reduce the amount you might have to spend at the vet. Pet insurance is definitely a great way to save on the high

Veterinarian Discusses Benefits of Pet Insurance

Recently, Dr. Lori Huston, a veterinarian who has been in practice for over 20 years, wrote a guest blog post for BlogPaws about how pet insurance can help pet owners who otherwise wouldn’t have the funds for high veterinary bills.

Fun Video: Dog Delivers Veterinary Receipt

In this fun video, the receptionist at a veterinary office is preparing a customer’s receipt. Instead of delivering it to the customer herself, she enlisted the help of one of the resident canines. Check out how this smart dog does

In the News: Veterinarians and Pet Medications

A recent news article in the Star-Telegram discussed the popularity of chain store pharmacies offering pet medications at a highly discounted rate. This trend has put many veterinarians in a bind because they cannot compete with the prices of stores