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Editorial: Working Like A Dog

This morning, I was thinking about the common idiom, “work like a dog”. The term is used to describe someone who is working hard, but it’s kind of hard to believe when we live in a time where dogs and

Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today is the day many pet owners long for the whole year – the one day they are able to take their beloved dog to work with them! Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day! We already went over a

Preparing for Take Your Dog to Work Day

The official ‘take your dog to work day’ is right around the corner! This Friday, June 24th, pet owners around the country will be bringing their furry friends to the office. What could be better than man’s best friend laying

Trupanion Named One of Best Companies with Work-Life Balance

Pet insurance company Trupanion encourages the bond between employees and their pets, and for that reason were named as a top company that supports work-life balance. (PR.com) May 9, 2011 — In a recent Huffington Post article, Trupanion, the nation’s

Pets In the Workplace Etiquette

I’ve seen lots of different articles in the recent news about Take Your Dog To Work Day which is this Friday. A good one I read was from the Baltimore Sun which provided some great key pointers to consider when