Tru Hero Holidays 2010

Be a Tru Hero logo“Tru Hero” Holiday Promotion

Tell us how you’re a Tru Hero and enter to win!

This holiday season at Trupanion is all about the love of our pets. Share your “Tru Hero” story to enter to win some fabulous prizes this month!


  • Trupanion is giving away 25 copies of pet photography book, Dogphoria (a dog photography book by Jim Dratfield, in which Trupanion is featured).
  • One grand prize winner will receive an iPod Nano, $500 to give to a charity of your choice, and a copy of Dogphoria!

How to enter: Just write a short Tru Hero story about your pet. Are you a Tru Hero to your pet? Is your pet a Tru Hero to you? Tell us about it! Stories should be between 150 and 500 words. All entries must be received on or before December 19, 2010.

Send your story and a photo of your pet to and you’ll be entered!


“I’m a Tru Hero to my dog, Ellie, because I rescued her from a shelter. Her nails were overgrown and she was in desperate need of a bath and I gave her a loving home with lots of love and toys.” -Stacy K.

“He makes me smile. He makes me love again. I love him to bits and I know he loves me even more. He is my true hero, my saviour, my gift from God.” -Anonymous

“My dog Goldie was in a shelter for 6 months, and after volunteering at the shelter, I couldn’t resist taking her home with me. Now she is my Tru Hero; she puts a smile on my face every day.” -Melissa K.

Second prize: On December 20th, we will draw 25 random winners to receive a copy of Dogphoria!

Grand prize: A panelist of judges from Trupanion will read the stories and select the top 10 story finalists to be entered to win the grand prize. Judging will be based on originality and heart. Finalists’ stories will each be posted in the Trupanion blog for public voting on December 20th. A user may vote by clicking the Facebook “like” button at the top of the blog post or by leaving a comment. Votes will be counted by total number of “likes” and comments. Only one comment per person will count.

The finalist with the most “likes” and comments by 10:00AM PST on December 30th will be announced as the grand prize winner and receive a copy of Dogphoria, an iPod Nano, as well as $500 to donate to their favorite charity!

Disclaimer: No purchase necessary. Entry method via e-mail. Giveaways are open to residents of the United States and Canada. Limit: 1 entry per user. Duplicate entries will not be counted. Trupanion employees are excluded from this drawing. All winners will be contacted via Facebook message or e-mail. Winners are selected randomly via Facebook users must leave e-mail contact information or set Facebook privacy settings allow us to send you a message. If selected winner has privacy settings that prevent us from contacting them, we will reshuffle the drawing and select a different winner. Chances of winning second prize are based on participation. By entering the contest you are agreeing that Trupanion can use all or a portion of your entry in any company materials, including company website and blog.
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26 Responses to Tru Hero Holidays 2010

  1. Sarah Amante says:

    My dog Ralph is my Tru Hero. One night over the summer she would not let me go to sleep. She kept nudging under my pillow and crawling all over me. This was very unusual behavior for a normally mellow dog. She was anxious and agitated all night long. After I did finally fall asleep, I woke up having a stroke. I will always believe she knew something was going to happen and if she ever acts like that again, I will know what to do!

  2. Jacque Coleman says:

    My Gunner is a Tru Hero to me. We found Gunner (aka Steve) from Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue. I was looking for a new “baby” and when I read his story I knew he was the one. Gunner had been left at the shelter in Bakersfield when he was 8 months old. By this time he had already been de-barked! My heart just went out to this little guy. I was so sad to think someone would do that to a puppy. We contacted GGLRR and on Saturday we drove to Carmel to see him. Out bounced the happiest puppy I have ever seen. He was just total Lab and all puppy. Two years later he still makes me laugh when he bounces across the floor to retrieve a ball or to retrieve the cat (his playmate). Gunner has brought more happiness to my life than I could have ever imagined. It breaks my heart to think that we was ever mistreated and I have told him many times that he is safe in our home. He brings joy to my life and lots of smiles to our family with the silly things he does. I start my day with a big hug from him and end the day with the same. To say this is puppy love is an understatement!

  3. Rita Rio says:

    My cat, Atabi, and I are each others heroes. I had lost my l4 year old loving companion cat to cancer in August of 2009. I was heartbroken and vowed I would never get another cat. It hurt too much to lose her. About six months later, my niece told me about a friend from work who was trying to find a cat a home. I was adamant that I was not ready, and would probably never be read for another cat. Then I heard her story. Her person had died a few months earlier, and nobody in the family wanted her. She was abandoned in an empty house. People came to feed her, but that would be ending as soon as the house was disposed of. She would either go to a shelter or be left outside to fend for herself. When I say her sweet face, I could not let that happen. Since we have been together, we have helped each other heal from that sense of loss. She is my hero, and I am hers.

  4. Phyllis Matyjewicz says:

    Our dog Teddy was a real hero to us, because she saved our lives.
    We were living in a 100 year old house in Rutherford NJ, she kept dragging us down to the basement and would stand in front of the door to the furnace.

    We finally realized she was trying to tell us something. We called PSE&G, the carbon monoxide was so high it was unbelievabe. They shut down the boiler in the dead of winter!

    Seems the chimney had collapsed, so the carbon monoxide was coming into the house instead of going up the chimney.

    Unfortunately, Teddy is no longer with us, but she lived a long and happy life until she died at 16.

  5. Debbie Feliciano says:

    My Maximus english bulldog is a Tru Hero. One evening about 5 years ago, my son was almost mugged or could have been hurt outside of my home. It was 2 o’clock a.m.. my husband and I were sound asleep. Maximus let out a howling cry, a sound we have never heard come from him before. It woke us up instantly. I looked over to him, he was sitting up howling so loudly it actually frightened me. I thought he was in pain. That is when we heard voices outside of my home. The voices were of my son and a man that had a weapon. Because of Maximus’s howling and my husband quick response, he was able to get to my son before any harm could have come to him. The man was arrested. If it was not for Maximus, who knows what would have happened. Maximus past away at the age of 10 years on 7/7/09. We loved him very much. Maximus… rest in peace my little angel……..

  6. Terri Stringer says:

    My puppy, Kismet, is my Tru Hero. My husband and I were not looking for a dog as we already had 4, but a friend contacted me and told me about a 12 week old German shepherd puppy that I “needed.” Apparently, I “needed” the puppy because he needed to find a home quickly and the pup’s father looked so much like my beloved, long-haired GSD, Chance, whom I had lost a few years earlier. We went over to just “see” the puppy and made arrangements to pick him up the next morning. We picked him up, took him home and introduced him to our other dogs who accepted him more easily than we would have expected. That same evening he began to throw up and have dirreah. The next day we took him to the vet and found he had parvo. For the next week, we made numerous visits to the Emergency Animal Clinic and our regular vet and ran up quite a tab for this puppy. Never once did we question why we were paying this much for a puppy we barely knew. It was love at first sight and he earned the name Kismet. He was so strong and no matter how sick he was, he looked at us with such love that we knew we couldn’t let him die.

    He has fully recovered and now at 8 1/2 months, he has brought such joy into our lives. We know that he is in our lives for a reason and that and his strength and will to get well make him my Tru Hero.

  7. We baught our second Golden Retriever November 2010, oh what a sweetie..My husband and I own a boarding facility and have never been convinced to have pet ins. None of the pollicy’s out there only look care of Emergancys and thats what you need insurence for…
    So Carly our 11 week old went in for her first check up alll was well….The vet. Highly suggested I sign up. So I went home and resurched the Trupanion website and decieded ya this one actualy looks good. Withen a week my Carly (we call her “Garbage Disposal” ) now ate a FISH HOOK a “rusty fish hook” at age 12 weeks, not only the hook but line,weight,rocks and paper of sorts.
    Oh it was a scary 24 hours but our Carly is GREAT…and thanks to Trupanion we are NOT out of pocket for this emergancy but our family can still have a great Christmas !! Thanks Trupanion you will aslways be recomended by us.

  8. Kathie Iaconetti says:

    When our beloved, Trouble (a 12 y/o Golden Retriever) died in February my husband and I agreed to take a break. Exactly one week later, a friend called about a young golden male whose family was giving him up. Turns out after the woman’s husband died, she went out and bought a puppy for her 7 and 4 year old. She had no time for poor Duke, who was crated all day and most of the night. She could not figure out why he was so hyper the little time he was out of the crate. One week later, I drove an hour and a half to pick him up. Our trainer said that even though he was a year old, he had the maturity level of a 5 month old puppy. He was non-stop humper and mouther and just could not relax. Ten months later, after basic and intermediate obedience class, he has settled in very well. We are now taking a Nose Work class, in addition to Distract-a-Doggie/Rally-O class. I shutter to think where and how Duke would have ended up if I had not rescued him from his previous setting.

  9. Carly Quinn says:

    My dog Oliver was diagnosed with Mesothelioma when he was just 9. I got Oliver as a puppy in Missoula, MT when I was 18 years old and we traveled all over the country together and even to Alaska. He was my best friend and I was his. Oliver was a special dog, he could not see well and was truly one of a kind. Oliver was loved by those who knew him, but understood by only few as he had the dog equivalent of autism. Oliver and I were destined to be together because I understood his special needs and loved him all the more for being unique and special.

    When he was diagnosed with his sickness, I could not understand that saying goodbye would be the hardest decision of my life. I was only 27 when this happened, living in Santa Cruz, CA and working as a waitress. I paid to have his heart drained multiple times and the sickness kept progressing. I was an uninsured pet owner at the time and had to get a second job to afford Oliver’s trips to the vet. After a long and difficult decision, I decided to pay for Oliver to have open heart surgery to remove the sack around his heart that was restricting his heart from functioning properly. Oliver was a champ thru the surgery and was able to live for just 2 short months afterwards because the cancer had spread to his lungs. I am thankful every day for the extra time I had with oliver and he is my hero.

    I learned that I would never do a surgery like that again. I learned that being his mother meant knowing when it was time to say enough is enough. I am happy I did the surgery, but wish I had known that it would have been more kind to just say goodbye earlier and not put him thru such a difficult procedure. Well, $18,000 of debt later, and one very sick pup for his last months of living taught me that he was my hero and that he had helped me more than I ever helped him. I will always love and miss oliver, but with my future pets, I have learned that saying goodbye is best to do when they are still living a happy life and to let them go to the rainbow bridge without putting them thru surgeries that they will never understand. Here’s to Oliver and to all the loving pets and owners in the world.

  10. Jacque Coleman says:

    Tonka is my Tru Hero for many reasons but most of all his protection. He seems to know that I am the only female of the house and when we are there alone he will position himself between me and the front door. No matter what room I go into, he will follow me and make sure he has the door covered. Although we lived in the country and it was very dark at night, I have never felt afraid with him there. One night while hubby and I were watching TV Tonka got up went to the window and barked. He did this several times. We wondered if someone was outside or in the barn. After about 5 mins of this going on I discovered that each time they showed Emerill on the screen his reflection was being shown in the front window and Tonka was protecting us! So we love to tell people about the night Tonka saved us from Emerill!

  11. John Zwiebel says:

    My siamese cat named Sammy is my TRU HERO. Two years ago we adopted him from the VA Siamese Rescue Center. We were told by his foster mother that he was a feral cat and a group of women saved Sammy’s life by catching him before he was shot and killed by a group of men who were paid by Home Depot to get rid of stray cats that were hanging around their dumpsters.

    To me, it’s truly amazing how sweet and social he is to everyone he meets and even other cats. Lately, he had to have most of his teeth removed because of an infection; this did not change his demeanor.

    The way he looks at you with his big blue eyes, you know that you are loved by him whether you are a male or a female. He is truly my TRU HERO after all he’s been through and still loves everyone. What an example for all of us to follow!

  12. Joseph Grillo and Capo Forte says:

    Two weeks ago my older brother who lives in our basement started to choke in the middle of the night. Apparently his throat was closing up due to pharengitis. Neither us nor him knew he had this condition. My parents and I sleep two floors above and were unaware of the situation. Our 7month old cane corso started barking frantically which is out of character. He would not stop until we followed him downstairs. We found my brother gasping for air an was able to call 911. Because of Capo Forte my brother was able to survive. That is what I call a TRU HERO.

  13. Celia Merritt says:

    I must say Talus my 6 month old Great Dane puppy is a Tru Hero. I had been wanting a dog for quite some time and stumbled upon him on the internet from a lady who ‘just wanted to get rid of him’. After only a few weeks of owning Talus, who was a very shy and reserved 4 month old, we found out that my mother had stage 4 inoperable lung cancer. Since the diagnosis she has been staying with Talus and myself to be closer to where she is treated for her cancer. Talus has come to be quite attached to my mom, following her all over the place making sure she is never alone. He loves to snuggle with her and I hear all the time about how he has to be touching her whenever I am away at work. He constantly gives her something else to focus on and provides her with an exorbitant amount of entertainment to keep her mind occupied. Though I adopted Talus with my needs in mind, the resulting purpose he has come to fulfill has been so much more than I would have ever imagined.

  14. I didn’t want a pet at all, but my adorable snowshoe siamese picked me! I was at work and she was an 8 week old stray kitten, sitting in the middle of a busy road. A customer tried to catch her, and Misty wouldn’t go to her. My coworker left to go to lunch, and Misty wouldn’t go to her. I went to lunch and she followed me to my car and jumped right in! Temperatures that night were below freezing, so I ended up taking her home. She had a bad upper respiratory infection that took three rounds of antibiotics to kick, fleas, and ringworm. She wouldn’t have survived much longer as a stray. I’m her Tru Hero for rescuing her and giving her a home. Now that she’s a year old, she’s working hard to become an Angel Paws companion and visit nursing homes and hospitals.

  15. Max L Morton says:

    I have had Labrador Retrievers for 50 years!
    Six years ago I had decided to give up retriever field trials. The professional trainer I haves used call me and said he want to give me a puppy. With urging from my wife I gave in.
    His assistant pro, the 10 puppies and I took a short walk so I could pick my new puppy. One of them kept checking back and running to us as the others romped. She told me take that one so I did.
    We named the puppy Znfndel Laughing Ladies Sinner (Sinner). Just so you know Laughing Lades are what the Colorado miners and railworks call the prostitues. Socializing was so easy with Sinner that I was amazed. He survived several front leg and foot cuts for the first six months because he ran so hard and fast that he always seemed to be at the vets.
    Sinner is now 6+years old and a marvelous field trial competitor and equally wonderful house friend. He is a working dog! He is totally focused on me when he is home but is equally focused on retrieving when in competition. He has a middle linebacker mentality when working but a country gentleman attitude when he is with us at home. I am 75 years old and he keeps me young because he such a delight to train and have as a companion.
    We had him neutered at 6 years of age. Quote from the vet “This is the first time I ever hated to neuter a dog. He is so beautiful and so nice to have around that having a puppy like him would be wonderful”.
    Did I mention he sleeps beside my bed when we are together? This is his and my last year in field trial competion. What a dog to go out with!

  16. Max L Morton says:

    Sorry your correction?edit tool would not work.

  17. Helen Collins says:

    My Tru Hero was my Catahoula Gator. While we were driving in my jeep on our property my tires slipped on a hill in dust, turned sideways and we were flipped over. I was wedged in front and Gator was in the back. Fuel and oil were flowing over me and I was pinned under the steering wheel. Fearing a fire from fuel, I told Gator to leave. I couldn’t get our because I only had about 6″ of crawl space. He left but kept coming back under. When I pushed him away for the third time, my fingers caught in his collar and he started to pull. I was able to get both of my hands under his collar, and he pulled me out from under the jeep. Neither one of us were badly injured, and we were able to get to an area where my cell phone would work and we could call for help.

    There is no telling how long I would have been there if Gator had not drug me out. He will always be my tru hero.

  18. gretchen roth says:

    I was just wondering if you got my story. About a yellow lab pup named kiwi who breaks her leg? I dont know if i sent it right. If you cld let me know id appreciate it. Thanks, gretchen

  19. Vinny Fischetti says:

    I first met this calico kitten when I discovered she was using my flower bed as a litter box. Seeing her on future occasions I always tried to scare her away. She was obviously a stray. One day I saw her peeking out from under a bush. Her right eye seemed to have an injury and was very swollen. I tried to get her to come closer but she was too afraid, We began letting out our orange tabby and this enticed her to come closer. As the weeks past, we gain her trust and treated her eye injury. She soon readily came into our home and became one of the family. She was the sweetest, most precious kitten I have ever known. We decided to just call her “Kitty”.We took her to our vet and she was diagnosed with feline leukemia. The prognosis wasn’t really known and we were told that only time would tell. She became our little hero and brought us love for 5 months. She became really sick and despite all of our efforts, she past away peacefully surrounded by her adopted family. She was truly a little here to . She gave us so much joy in such a short period of time,
    I’t been three years since she died and we still get really emotional just thinking about her. We buried her under a large tree in our yard and placed a special marker on her grave.

  20. Barbara Abbott says:

    Did I send you Bambi’s story correctly? It’s not in the pile. Sent 12/10/10 6:31 p.m.

  21. Kristen says:

    My pug DOUG is a TRU HERO to my husband and I because we got him right before we moved out-of-state and having him in our house really helped us adjust in our new lives in another state. Moving is hard and it was nice having our little guy around to make us smile everyday. He also was the reason we would get outside of the house to go to dog parks and meet people in our new city. Our pug Doug goes to classes at a college with my husband where he teaches and helps the students who are homesick and have dogs of their own far away from where they go to college. It is nice to bring a smile to their faces :) We love Doug!

  22. Marina S. says:

    When I was a kid, my dogs had always been purebred puppies bought from breeders. As an adult, I wanted to rescue a dog. After reading the Animal Care & Control NYC website, I found at least 5 dogs who sounded wonderful, according to the notes written by the volunteers. All were pit bulls or pit bull mixes. When I went to the shelter, 3 out of the 5 had already been euthanized. I met each of the two remaining dogs, a red-nosed pit bull male and a black lab/pit bull mix female, and I just took out my wallet and paid the fee for them both right away. Another day, and either or both of them may have been put down as well.

    Both were very sick with kennel cough. The male was emaciated, with every rib poking out. The female had scars under each front leg from the misuse of a harness and she cowered whenever an arm or object was raised in front of her, as if expecting to be hit. Both had been found as strays on NYC streets, and both were so terrified to be in this new, scary place with all the large, barking dogs that they shook in their cages. But despite this, they were so sweet and gentle and I just knew they were both meant to be mine.

    When I tried to take them home, the shelter manager insisted that I could only adopt one, because the dogs were strangers to each other and might not get along. I argued for over two hours, explaining that I had a big house with a fenced backyard, that I had experience with dogs, that I would introduce them carefully to ensure that they would learn to live together. And, at the end of the day, I argued, would the shelter really rather euthanize one of them than give it to me? Finally, my husband and I were allowed to take both pups home.

    Six months later, Ares and Xena are happy, healthy, amazing little dogs. They are muscular and strong (Ares put on 16 pounds in the first 6 weeks!). They know their commands. They eat great food and have shiny coats. They have warm little beds in our bedroom. They have a whole pile of toys. They are best friends, who spend all day either play-fighting, or curled up asleep together. Every day, they roll over for belly rubs; they climb into our laps when we sit on the couch, lick our faces, and curl up with us to watch TV; they make us laugh with their silly behavior. They are the opposite of every pit bull horror story you’ve ever heard. They are gentle, loving, easy-going. They love the kids they meet on walks, and during Halloween they wore costumes and were hugged and petted by at least 100 kids! We are expecting our first baby now, and we just know they will adore the new pack member!

  23. Christina Casazza says:

    I was wondering if you had received my story about Mia? I sent it last night and wanted to make sure you got it. Thanks. Christina

  24. Chuck Bognanni says:

    /Users/Bognannis/Desktop/Doggy Heaven – Share and pay tribute to departed best friends.eml

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