My Vet Is My Tru Hero 2011

Trupanion wants to know why your veterinarian is a Tru Hero!

Veterinarians are heroes on a daily basis, helping pets live longer and healthier lives. We want to hear your story and experience about how your veterinarian has been a Tru Hero for you and your pet.

How to enter:

Write a short story about how your veterinarian is a Tru Hero and include your city, state, and the name of your veterinary clinic. Stories should be between 150 and 500 words. All entries must be received by September 30th, 2011. Email your story to us at Be sure to include a photo of your pet and/or veterinarian.


  • Six weekly $25 gift cards
  • Five $50 cash prizes
  • One $500 cash prize, an additional $500 cash to the winner’s veterinarian to treat needy pets, and a “Tru Hero 2011″ plaque for the veterinary clinic to display

How to win:

Weekly winners: All entrants will be shuffled into a random drawing and one winner will be drawn each week to receive a $25 gift card.

Top 5 Finalists: A panelist of judges from Trupanion will read all stories and select the top 5 finalists to be entered to win the grand prize. Five finalists will be announced on October 3, 2011. Winners will each receive a $50 cash prize and their stories will be posted on Trupanion’s website.

Grand prize: The five finalists’ stories will each be posted on the Trupanion blog for public voting on October 3, 2011. Individuals may vote for a particular story by leaving a comment on that particular blog post. Only one comment per person/IP address will count towards final tally. Voting will close October 19, 2011 at 5pm PST.

The finalist with the most comments will receive the grand prize of $500 cash. Their veterinarian will also receive $500 to treat needy pets as well as a “Tru Hero 2011″ plaque! Grand prize winner will be announced on October 21, 2011.

Disclaimer: No purchase necessary. Entry method via e-mail. Giveaways are open to residents of the United States and Canada over the age of 18. Limit: 1 entry per user. Duplicate entries will not be counted. Entries accepted until 11:59pm PST September 30th, 2011. By submitting your story and photo you agree that Trupanion may use these in print and online materials. Trupanion employees are excluded from this drawing. All winners will be contacted via e-mail. Weekly drawings will be held on August 26th, September 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th. Weekly winners are selected randomly via Chances of winning weekly drawing prizes are based on participation. By entering the contest you are agreeing that Trupanion can use all or a portion of your entry in any company materials, including company website and blog. Your privacy is important to us. Please review Trupanion’s Privacy Policy. © 2011 Trupanion. All rights reserved.

18 Responses to My Vet Is My Tru Hero 2011

  1. Jamila king says:

    My vet dr. Barth and dr. Stevenson are true heroes. My dog rocky got bitten by something in may of this year. I brought him thre because his skin was blistering and falling off. He had to stay at the vet for 5 days hooked up to steroids, antibiotics and pain meds. While each day they cut away his dying skin. After losing a quarter of his skin from his groin left side and left leg. He was allowed to come home for a day. Rocky my dog underwent 3 sugeries after this to try and use skin folds to close up his exposed muscle. Little by little and over 25 visits to the vet, his foot by foot and a half wound is now the size of bottle cap. Over three months of treatments and the best vet in the world my dog is alive.

  2. Dolly E. Torres says:


  3. Alison Comer says:

    My Vet is the best! No matter what time of day it is I can call and ask any question regarding Breezer. Breezer has a uniary track infections on a regular basis (the way she is built) I can call them tell them I think she has an invection and they will get her in right away. when I fist got breezer I just lost my other cat due to crystals so they help me and breezer through the first infection. The carried breezer around the vet as if she owned the place the made cat toy for her to play with and every one knew who she was. When her vet moved they informed me and trasfered me and breezer to another amazing vet Dr. Vitz who calls to check up on her and switch her food to now we are not visting the vet monthly!!! Breezer does not cry when I put her into her carrier to go to the vet or when we are there. She love her VET!!! I know that if we need the General Vet we can call and they will be ready for breezer!!!

    I can not send a picture yet but I will in the next couple of days

  4. Sonia Black says:

    Dr. Edward Lepley of Howard City Michigan is not only my hero, he is a hero to so very many people and animals. He has a great talented staff working with him. HE’S THE BEST!!

  5. Sandra Wattling says:

    My vet Dr. Amy Waterhouse of Varsity Veterinary, Calgary Alberta is a true hero in our opinion. Our doberman has Chronic Active Hepatitus,Copper Toxicosis and Cushings Disease. Dogs with these diseases usually don’t live very long. Because of our vet’s tenacity and research for best treatment our boy has now survived for 16 months since diagnosis and is still having a good quality life. Dr. Waterhouse is friendly and approachable always communicates clearly to us and always available. She has even made house calls when necessary. We know we will not have our boy for a long time but because of her we have been able to enjoy him and keep him happy. She ROCKS!!!!

  6. Stephen cisco says:

    The Vets at Westhills animal hospital are my heroes,my dog Skippy had to be boarded for 2 months due to a serious accident,they took such good care of Skippy.He came home healthy and happy and had no problems,they take care of the animals in their care as if they were their own

  7. DHAYNA says:


  8. Mary Ellen Rebec says:

    My Vet is a Hero mainly because she always takes care of our most precious Pommie. When Sweetness got sick, they cured her. They do preventative measures to keep my dear heart well. Some vets put a thermometer in a dog and then proceed to exam the dog causing pain, not Dr. Lorri at Glendale Animal Hosp. When you notice the small things, the big things fall in place. I travel far to have my dog cared for, and it is well worth it.

  9. Brigitte says:

    My vet is a saint, every time we visit Dr Banjwa he gives Gus and little hug and shows him so much love. When Gus had Pancreatitis a year ago he came out in the middle of the night to examine him and admit him, not only is he great so his team, they called me everyday with an update and to remind me (not that I needed reminding) that I must visit everyday as it was important for his recovery. He answers all my paranoid questions (the internet is a scary place if you own a pet) and is very patient with me and also follows up on anything I read and then educates me accordingly.

  10. My kitty is cared for by a Fox. Dr. Fox in particular. He has been the family vet for many years. Rather than talk about how well he cares for our pets, which he does, I think it is also important to talk about pets and end of life decisions.

    Our cat Hoover was extremely ill. We discussed the options and we decided that it was time to help Hoover out of his misery. The process was supportive and loving. Of course we cried and we miss Hoover to this day. But he is content in Kitty Heaven where the litter box is cleaned instantly, Meals consist of liver, beef, and chicken which is freshly prepared whenever he is hungry. Purring is easily achieved and there are petting assistants whenever needed. Leaving hair on clothing and furniture is no problem. He has his own personal bush under which to sleep and he can bask in the sun whatever time of day or night it may be.

    The most moving gesture that the Fox made, was to contribute to feline research in the name of Hoover. We received the announcement and condolences in the mail and it made it feel so real and so good to know that even our vet missed Hoover.

  11. Annie E Johnson says:

    My vet is my hero. Dr. Rebecca Korven, who currently works for Celtic Creatures Vet Clinic in Sydney River, Nova Scotia, used to work for Cape Breton Vetrinary when my dog ran away to go to what my dad likes to call “a dog wedding” – a bunch of stray dogs in my community (unfortunately almost no one ties their dog or keeps them in a kennel) were fighting over a dog in heat. My dog was a german shepard mix and got badly wounded in the fight, he couldn’t even make it home. He crawled to my sister’s house down the road and it was a day or so before we found him. He had one bad gash in his back thigh leg caused by another dog’s canine teeth and since he was outside for almost 2 days before we found him, maggots had set into the wound. He was wounded all over but that was the worst part. My parents were both preparing my brothers and I in the event he had to be put down and when we went to the vet Dr. Korven wasn’t the most optimistic but Pukseto (the dogs name) surprised us all by responding well to her treatment, she cleaned out all the maggots in his leg and stitched him up and we went through treatment at home for a month where I had to lift him up into the bathtub to shower off his leg to get the circulation going again, and it healed up fabulously. This dog was seriously brought back from death’s door by Dr. Korven. She moved away for a couple of years but then came back to the area and opened her own clinic (Celtic Creatures) and has since opened one of the first off leash dog parks in the area right next to the clinic. We’re so glad she’s back, and that’s where we take all of our dogs now. We owe her many many thanks.

  12. Christine LaBonte says:

    My vet clinic, Naugatuck Animal Hospital, is filled with Hero’s…Having moved back to CT from AZ to take care of my terminally ill Mom and Grandmother, I brought my 6 Labradors with me. After being here unemployeed for over a year my yellow lab, Autumn, became very ill. I woke up to find her covered in blood and rushed her to the vet. They took her in so fast and I knew we were in trouble. It turned out to be pyrometra and she needed surgery quickly, I asked for an estimate and was given a price of over 3000.00 I knew I could never afford it. I told them while crying that I needed to put her to sleep and even that amount I would have to borrow. They left the room, talked it over and returned and told me they would do it for 900.00 just to cover their expenses. I still could only come up with 500.00 borrowing what I could. Autumn was really sick, they did the surgery and kept her at the hospital for over a week, she was touch and go on a daily basis. When they finally said she was going to pull thru and I could take her home I was able to raise the other 400.00 I needed. These people knew how badly I was hurting and how sick Autumn was. They call her the miracle dog, I call them my Heros…
    I could never thank them enough for what they did for me, as it was I lost my Mom and my Grandma and if I lost Autumn, well it would have been too much for me. Thanks to this wonderful staff I will have Autumn for many more years.

  13. Melissa Carpenter says:

    My vet, Dr. Richard Jakimer of Pelham Manor Veterinary Clinic in Pelham, NY is my hero because about 6 months ago I finally had to let go of my Lily, my all white cat that was 14 years old and had been suffering with a thyroid condition over the last few years which caused her to lose a lot of weight rapidly. Lily was my world, and Dr. Jakimer was very patient in trying various medicines. With my many follow up visits to constantly monitor her T4 levels, and adjustments to medication, there were times when I know he did not charge me the full amount of what I should have been charged. When the medicines eventually stopped working, she was basically starving, and there was nothing left we could do for her, I had to bring her in to be put down to stop her suffering.
    Dr. Jakimer put me in my own room, with Lily and a box of tissues and told me to take as much time as I needed to say goodbye. He then explained to me exactly what the process was and allowed me time after to hold her one more time and say my final goodbye. That was the hardest, most painful thing I ever had to go through but Dr. Jakimer coached me through and made the worst day of my life a little bit easier knowing I was doing the right thing.
    I continue to go to him with my now 3 year old Yellow Lab, Daisy (who is a Trupanion member) – who absolutely adores him! From the time she was a puppy, she is probably the only dog who gets excited to get to his office and pulls & wags the whole way! He is the best and I’d recommend him to anyone who wants top notch care for their pet, and compassion for the owner too!

  14. jill alice says:

    When I first got my Small Cat, Fimbul, she’d been a bit mistreated. She had very dirty ears and terrible black-heads on her chin. However, the experience at the vet we went to was very unpleasant for all of us. Nothing that was done was explained, and treatment was given that was not necessary; leading to a very large bill. Because of this experience, I was leery of vets, and didn’t take Fimbul as often as I should.

    Flash forward. Fimbul’s getting older, I’m a volunteer at the local shelter, telling new adopters the importance of regular vet check-ups. I decided I should practice what I preach. Many of my fellow cat-loving friends take their kitties to Glenora Cat Clinic, and on the basis of strong recommendations, I decided that it was high time Fimbul saw a doctor. And I’m so incredibly glad that I did, since it turns out that Fimbul needed it.

    Dr. MacDonald and the rest of the staff at Glenora Cat Clinic are my heroes. My Small Cat, Fimbul, is a Bengal runt. Two and a half years ago, she started to have a couple of medical issues. The first time, she went into the Clinic it was for the intro check-up and shots; she had a bad reaction to a booster. At the same time, she had an infection within her mouth and needed teeth pulled. New Years’ Eve, she got sick 14 times. It’s unclear if it was the booster or the infection that caused all of the problems, however, two days later, on the Monday, she was in for surgery, getting fixed up, and was soon right as rain.

    Later that summer, Fimbul was happily playing on a Thursday night. We went to bed after midnight, and all was fine. At 8.00 am, she was anything but. She was lethargic and running a fever. We went to the vet that day, and Dr. MacDonald started running tests. Over the course of the next 96 hours, Fimbul lost more than 1/5th of her body weight, dropping from seven pounds to under five. Blood tests, emergency fluids, an ultrasound, appetite boosters… the eventual diagnosis was acute anorexia due to sudden onset IBS.

    It’s been a long couple of years, with weekly, then biweekly trips to vet for weigh-ins, fluids and appetite boosts, and daily doses of steroids. My Small Cat has had a number of relapses, with days of constipation and moments of bloody stool. But because I have such a good relationship with my vet and the AHTs in the clinic, any time there’s any question of a problem, I phone or email, and we go in. There’s never any question that I’m over-reacting, or that Fimbul isn’t actually ill. I’m never meant to feel that I’m wasting their time with questions about my Small Cat (or how incredibly difficult she is when we go in; it takes four of us to get that extra fluid into her. She is six pounds of “Angry Biker Chick” as Dr. MacDonald has called her.)

    Twice Fimbul has had emergency illnesses; one that was quickly resolved with surgery and antibiotics. The other… has been an ongoing adventure, but because of such a good relationship with Fimbul’s vet, it has been manageable. And we are coping. I’m not sure how we would have coped without such an amazing support network like I’ve got at the Glenora Cat Clinic. Fimbul is my constant companion, my furry friend, and the furry grandchild to my parents. It was heart wrenching when she was ill.

  15. marsha vassar says:

    I dont see my entry???? Did you get it?

  16. VLVL says:

    Is it too late to submit mine?


  17. Chelsea says:

    Hey :] just wondering where we can find the 5 finalists?

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