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Canadian leaf Trupanion is Canada’s fastest growing provider of pet insurance for dogs and cats. Founded in 1999 as Vetinsurance in Vancouver, B.C., founder and CEO Darryl Rawlings renamed the company Trupanion as he expanded internationally. Today, Trupanion has the honour of being North America’s #1 rated pet insurance company[1].

With recent advancements in animal healthcare, veterinarians across Canada are now able to offer treatments for health conditions that were previously unavailable to most pets. These medical advancements allow pet owners the ability to provide the very best care for their beloved pets. But the cost of care often exceeds the family budget. Luckily, Trupanion provides affordable life-long coverage for cats and dogs who enroll between the ages of eight weeks and 14 years of age.

Vetinsurance is now Trupanion Pet Insurance

[1] – Aug 1, 2012

Cat wearing a PupKin

Cat Insurance

Your kitty's too precious not to be protected by a pet insurance policy, which is why we cover hurt paws, kidney disease, and most other health issues both big and small.

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Titan the dog

Dog Insurance

Dogs deserve coverage that's as unconditional as their love. Trupanion insures everything from allergies and ear infections to cancer, diabetes and more.

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Photo of a dog wrapped in a blanketTrupanion Blog
The Trupanion Blog is a fun way to find out how pet insurance from Trupanion has saved the day for so many dogs and cats – not to mention their owners! It’s full of pet insurance facts, real stories and crazy pictures. Read Blog

Trupanion For Life: Our First Territory Partner Shares Her Story

Get to know Trupanion's first Territory Partner, Karen Belanger. She shares her story of how she became Trupanion's first advocate over ten years ago and why she continues to love what she does.

Breed & Health Guide
Every dog and cat have unique qualities, personalities and biologies. Check out our Breed & Health Guide to learn more about your favorite canine or feline.Cat and dog breed guide photo

Why Veterinarians Choose Trupanion - Watch Video

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Find out why veterinarians recommend pet insurance. Watch the video to learn more.

Veterinarians & Pet Insurance

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Help your customers provide the best health care with pet insurance from Trupanion. Find out more about how Trupanion works with veterinary hospitals.

Are You a Pet Breeder?

Silhouette of a bulldog and 

persianWe have a great program designed for you! Learn more about our Breeder Support Program.
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Similaire à l'assurance santé humaine, l'assurance pour animal de compagnie permet d'offrir la tranquillité d'esprit au cas où un malheur devait se produire. Son but est d'aider à couvrir les coûts des accidents imprévus et les maladies qui peuvent survenir.
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