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Cat Medical Insurance

Cats of all breeds, mixes, ages, and sizes are our dear friends. We adore the way they look and feel, and how they love us back. And who can resist a playful kitten, all soft, yet so daring? The breadth and depth of our medical insurance coverage for cats comes from our devotion to cats of all types.

We’ve got your cat covered

It’s likely that we’ve had experience helping another pet owner with the same age and type of cat as yours get the best medical care for their feline when it was injured or ill. We also cover congenital or hereditary conditions.

We’ve been helping Canadians and their cats since 1998, and we’d like to help you, too. We’d love for you to say: “Do whatever it takes,” to your veterinarian.

We offer fair premiums and deductible amounts

When you get a quote from us, it is very thoroughly researched to be fair and affordable. We base it on your specific situation: your cat’s breed, age, gender, whether he/she has been neutered/spayed, and our research about other cats like yours. We consider the cost of veterinary care in your area, and the amount of deductible you want to pay.

We reimburse 90% of all covered costs1

If your kitten, adult, or senior cat gets sick or injured, we cover 90% of the costs of veterinary care, including: diagnostic testing, surgeries, medications, hospitalization, and medical care from emergency veterinary clinics and veterinary specialists. You are responsible for applicable taxes, the exam fee, and your deductible.

We don’t have payout limits

Without payout limits, you can take your cat to the veterinarian for an accident or illness whenever you need to. We’ll continue to help you as long as your cat needs us to.

1Some terms and conditions apply. See our policy for details.

Cat Testimonials

Abner"When I adopted my kitten Abner, I enrolled him with Trupanion before I even booked his first vaccination appointment, which was the best move I could have made. Before his first birthday, he needed veterinarian care for a bad reaction to the Rabies vaccine, a dislocated left shoulder blade, an ear infection, foreign body ingestion, and allergy testing. Trupanion has continued to cover a series of incidents since that first year."
Meaghan B., Edmonton, AL

Barney"When I noticed our mackerel tabby kitten wasn’t eating and that he looked uncomfortable, we took him straight to the 24 C.A.R.E. Centre. They recommended either an x-ray or ultrasound. Knowing we had insurance brought us great peace of mind—we opted for the ultrasound knowing that 90% of the cost would be covered. The veterinarian found a blockage and performed surgery to remove the foreign object. Thank you Trupanion for being there—knowing we have insurance takes the worry away."
Susan B., Calgary, AL

Roku"When I adopted my kitten Roku, my veterinarian offered me Trupanion’s 30-day trial, and I decided to give it a try. Less than 2 weeks later, Roku became extremely sick. As it was a Friday night, I took him to the emergency clinic. One surgery and multiple tests later, the clinic bill had sky-rocketed to over $4000. I was freaked out by the bill, but I knew I had the Trupanion trial. After submitting my claim, I was reimbursed 90% of the bill, no questions asked. Needless to say, I have kept my monthly Trupanion service and would recommend their insurance to anyone. They truly care about pets and pet owners."
Tara M., Calgary, AL