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Dog Insurance

The breadth and depth of our medical insurance coverage for dogs comes from our absolute love of dogs. Every dog. Breed, size, age, mix, you name it. We love dogs. And we love seeing dogs get well.

We understand pooches from head to tail

No matter what kind of dog you have, we’ve probably had experience helping another owner with that same type of dog get the best medical care their dog needed for an illness or injury. Our dog insurance also covers congenital or hereditary conditions.

We’ve been helping Canadians and their dogs since 1998, and we’d like to help you, too. We’d love for you to say: “Do whatever it takes,” to your veterinarian.

We offer fair premiums and deductible amounts

When you get a dog insurance quote from us, it is very thoroughly researched to be fair and affordable. We base it on your specific dog – breed, age, gender, and whether he/she has been neutered/spayed -- our research about other dogs like yours, the cost of veterinary care in your area, and your deductible amount.

We reimburse 90% of all covered costs1

If your puppy, adult, or senior gets sick or injured, we reimburse 90% of all covered costs of veterinary care, including: diagnostic testing, surgeries, medications, hospitalization, and medical care from emergency veterinary clinics and veterinary specialists. You are responsible for applicable taxes, the exam fee, and your deductible (if you choose to have one).

We don’t have payout limits

Without payout limits, you can take your dog to the veterinarian for an accident or illness whenever you need to. We’ll continue to help you as long as your dog needs us to.

1Some terms and conditions apply. See our policy for details.

Dog Testimonials

Ruby"My sweet golden retriever/Newfoundland, Ruby, was diagnosed with advanced hip dysplasia at only 6 months old! She has had to have multiple surgeries, but lives a happy, albeit slow life. She is my absolute joy, and I owe my continued time with her to Trupanion."
Jennifer J., Vancouver, B.C.

Bella"When we brought home our yellow lab pup, Bella, she seemed very healthy. At about 9 months, we noticed she was have trouble with her back legs. She was diagnosed with bilateral medial patellar luxation. The x-rays, surgeries, medications, and check-up visits to our veterinarian totaled over $10,000, and Trupanion paid 90%. She is now a happy, healthy 4-year-old dog, taking special vitamins for her knees. Thanks to Trupanion for all they are doing for Bella."
Lynda S., Toronto, ON

Sierra"Sierra is my loveable Blue Tick Coonhound who chewed up and swallowed part of a rug. She had to undergo a lengthy surgery with several complications. I am so glad I was covered by Trupanion, or the cost would have prevented her from having surgery. My boyfriend now understands why pet insurance is so important. We are so happy to have our baby hound home."
Lindsey M., Palmerston, ON