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Pet Medical Insurance

When your pet is sick or injured, do you feel free to tell your veterinarian to do whatever it takes to save your pet? Our goal is to help you say that.

It’s hard enough to deal with your pet’s urgent health situation—your cat’s face is swollen, your puppy ate a candle, your dog was hit by a car—without having to worry about how much the trip to the veterinarian will cost.

We reimburse 90% of all covered costs*

Once you have paid the exam fee, any applicable taxes, and any deductible amount, we cover 90% of the cost of veterinary care for sick or injured cats and dogs. We are optimistic this high payout rate can help you afford emergency bills and leave you to take care of your pet.

We cover diagnostic testing, surgeries, medications, treatments, and hospitalizations. If your pet needs orthotic or prosthetic devices, we cover those too. Find out more about what our pet insurance policy offers.

Our premiums are tailored to your pet

To determine your pet-specific amount, we factor in what we know about dogs or cats like yours with the cost of veterinary care in your area.

Over our 16 years’ experience, we have examined hundreds of thousands of dog and cat health records. We have analyzed individual breed health issues, common accidents, the type of veterinary care individual breeds typically need, and much more. See Actual Claims and Veterinary Costs for some examples.

And because the cost of veterinary care varies from city to town and province to province, we also monitor whether it costs more to treat pets like yours in Quebec or British Columbia, in Edmonton or Ottawa. With all of this information at our fingertips, we can offer pet insurance premiums that are fairly-priced and suit your situation.

You choose your deductible amount

When you get a premium quote from us, you can determine how much of a deductible you want to pay, from none at all, to anywhere between $50 and $1000. The lower your deductible amount, the higher your premiums will be. Or, if you want to pay less per month, you can select a higher deductible.

We enroll pets between 8 weeks and up to 14 years old

While pets must be under 14 to enroll, once they are enrolled, we continue to cover them as they grow older. The younger your pet is when you enroll him or her, the lower your premium will be. Plus, we don't impose automatic price increases just because your pet had a birthday.

No payout limits

You can file claims with us whenever your pet needs injury or illness-related veterinary care. We know you want to get them back to health, and we’re here to help you do that, no matter how many times you need to.




"My sweet golden retriever/Newfoundland, Ruby, was diagnosed with advanced hip dysplasia at only 6 months old! She has had to have multiple surgeries, but lives a happy, albeit slow life. She is my absolute joy, and I owe my continued time with her to Trupanion."
Jennifer J., Vancouver, B.C. 


"When I noticed our mackerel tabby kitten wasn’t eating and that he looked uncomfortable, we took him straight to the 24 C.A.R.E. Centre. They recommended either an x-ray or ultrasound. Knowing we had insurance brought us great peace of mind—we opted for the ultrasound knowing that 90% of the cost would be covered. The veterinarian found a blockage and performed surgery to remove the foreign object. Thank you Trupanion for being there—knowing we have pet insurance takes the worry away."
Susan B., Calgary, AL 


* Terms and conditions apply. See our policy for details. Residents of Canada, see our policy here.

** We do not pay for endorsements. Endorsements that we use have been given willingly by our customers and supporters, for no material consideration.


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