Cat Coverage: What Is and Is Not Covered

cat at the vet Your cat insurance policy covers 90% of veterinary costs for diagnostic tests, surgeries, medications, hospital stays, and other treatments that arise from your cat becoming sick or injured. Trupanion also covers hereditary and congenital conditions (meaning conditions inherited and/or present at birth) as long as signs are not found to be pre-existing Help to the effective date of coverage for your cat.

NEW: Trupanion now covers hip dysplasia as part of the core policy.

See some real-life examples of actual claims and covered costs by clicking the following links:

Lily Toxicity  |   Foreign Body Ingestion  |  Hit by Car  |  Congestive Heart Failure

While it’s important to know what is covered under a pet insurance plan, it’s equally important to know what is not covered.

With a Trupanion cat insurance policy, you will not be reimbursed for exam fees, taxes, wellness and preventative care (including flea treatments, dental cleanings, and vaccinations), and any pre-existing conditions.