Kitten Insurance

happy kitten Young kittens are cute and cuddly but they can also be crazy and mischievous which is where pet insurance can help. While our one simple insurance plan is available to dogs and cats, it's a great idea to sign up while your kitten is young to help protect against the unexpected.

It is in your best interest to purchase pet insurance for your cat while he or she is still a young, healthy kitten in order to avoid any pre-existing conditions that would be excluded from your cat insurance plan. Because of their curious and rambunctious nature, younger pets have the highest frequency of claims, so insuring a cat as early as possible can help protect them from any future accidents and illnesses.

Also, enrolling your kitten between the ages of eight weeks and one year guarantees you’ll pay Trupanion’s lowest rates. Even with veterinary inflation, cat owners who enroll their cats as kittens will always pay significantly less than if they originally enrolled their cat at an older age.


When getting a quote for your new kitten, we recommend choosing a low deductible to start out your policy. Kittens can be unpredictable in their youth, but a low-deductible pet insurance plan can help reduce the amount you have to pay out of pocket during an emergency.


For full policy coverage, your kitten must be spayed or neutered by its first birthday or by your veterinarian's recommendation. Should you choose not to spay/neuter your new pet, there will be some coverage exclusions. Alternately, you may opt to enroll your unaltered kitten as a breeding pet to receive full policy coverage.

Despite all this kitten talk, Trupanion does offer pet insurance for older cats up to 14 years old. So long as your cat is signed up by his or her 14th birthday, Trupanion will cover your cat with a lifetime insurance policy.

Sample Claims

Musetta, 4 months old
Ingested sewing needle
Trupanion paid $531.72

Stella, 6 months old
Swallowed string
Trupanion paid $2,144.57

Jane, 8 months old
Broken leg
Trupanion paid $2,593.80