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Cat Insurance

There's nothing like the feeling of a warm cat gently purring on your lap. Cats are cuddly and playful and their love is unmatched. You appreciate the greeting of a swishing tail at your ankles because it just wouldn't feel like home without a kitty's presence. This is why we've come up with high quality cat insurance coverage; because we know that your cat is more than just a pet.

Why get cat insurance?

When your furry friend becomes sick or hurt, the dollar amount shouldn't be a barrier from getting the best veterinary care. Cats are susceptible to chronic health conditions like hyperthyroidism and kidney disease, and these chronic conditions often come with a lifetime of treatment, such as lifelong medication or monthly check-ups with a veterinarian. But the good news is that all of these conditions are more easily treated than ever, thanks to recent advances in veterinary care.

But even with these new veterinary options available, the cost that comes with this advanced level of care is high and many times not within a family’s budget. That is why medical insurance for your cat makes so much sense. Insurance can help lessen the financial strain so pet owners can make decisions based primarily on what is the best option for their cat, not which option is within their budgetary constraints.

If you've just begun to look into cat insurance, all of the information may feel a little overwhelming. We've simplified it by breaking down the information into smaller, easy-to-read sections so you can be sure that you're getting the best coverage for your cat.


Cat insurance from Trupanion

Cat coverage: We offer one simple plan, so understanding our cat insurance coverage is easy. What is covered? What is not covered? On this page, we'll provide answers to those questions as well as describe the additional types of medical insurance coverage you may choose to add. Or, feel free to skip right to our sample policy.

Cost: Within this page, we'll review how our premiums are calculated and what might cause your premium to increase or decrease. Of course, the most accurate way to find out the cost of your specific cat is by simply getting a quote.

Kitten insurance: The best time to get insurance is when your kitten is young and healthy. But kittens can be mischievous and curious which is where insurance can come in handy. Let us explain more about the benefits of kitten insurance and why you're on the right track by researching kitten insurance today.

If you are ready to dive right in, we encourage you to simply get a quote for your kitty right now.

The high cost of cat injuries and illnesses

View the chart below to see some real-life costs and what Trupanion would cover based on the deductible you choose for your cat.

Trupanion Would Cover:
Real-Life Examples Cost Without Coverage With a $0 Deductible With a $500 Deductible With a $1,000 Deductible
Ingesting foreign body $5,658 $5,093 $4,643 $4,193
Hit by a car $1,987 $1,788 $1,338 $888
Congestive heart failure $2,067 $1,861 $1,411 $961
Poisonous plant ingestion $2,247 $2,022 $1,572 $1,122

*Terms and conditions apply. See the policy for details.


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