Living with Deaf Pets

The best way to understand the beauty of any pet - including their unique personality traits, silly idiosyncrasies, and love for their humans - is to hear their stories. Explore the beautiful realities of living with deaf pets in the following videos and articles.

Joe's Pack

Trupanion’s Joe Anderson lives with two deaf dogs, two hearing dogs and two cats. Sounds chaotic, but with patience, love and lots of “happy hands”, this family gets along swimmingly. Watch the video to meet Joe’s pack.

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Cavalier “King” Surprise

When Howard Rubin purchased a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from a breeder, he had no idea that she was deaf. Watch the video to hear Howard’s story.

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Manny's World

Manny was an owner surrender that now makes a veterinary office his home. He's somewhat of a celebrity at the office - even people without pets stop in just to visit him and give him treats (which, at 20 pounds, he clearly doesn't need!).

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Honoring Riff Raff

Riff Raff earned his name after spending his early days on the streets. Luckily, he found a loving home that not only accepted his deafness, but celebrated it as part of his personality. Riff Raff has since passed away from cancer, but his story lives on.

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A Year with Winter

Winter, a deaf and partially blind Australian Shepherd, was about to be euthanized because of her “disabilities” when a family swooped in and made her their own. A year later, this family discusses the challenges and benefits Winter continues to bring to their lives.

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