Training Tips

One of the biggest myths surrounding deaf pets is the claim that they cannot be trained. This is simply untrue. Within minutes, you can easily start training your deaf pet with positive reinforcement and non-verbal commands. And note – these training tips work well for hearing pets too!

Download our pocket guide that includes easy hand signals you can use to start training your pet. Remember, these signals are great for both deaf and hearing pets!

Overview of preventable deafness

Download the PDF now and watch this video to see these hand signals in action!

Download Hand Signals Training Guide

Get started right away! Watch this quick video that shows how easy it is to start capturing your dog’s attention with hand signals.

Noise: bad for humans, bad for pets

Linda McVay, of the University Canine Learning Academy, teaches dogs Evie and Safari the “good dog” hand signal.

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Learn more about how hand signals can be great training tools for both deaf and hearing pets.

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Communicating with Deaf Pets by Stormi King, Smart Paws Training and Behavior Solutions

Deaf Pets Video

Amanda Anderson, owner of two deaf dogs, describes the communication style she uses with her pack.

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