The Cost of Dog Insurance

Dogs are unique from their size to their energy level and tendencies, which is why our prices are unique to your dog's situation.

How is dog insurance pricing determined?

To determine the price of your individual dog, you can simply get a quote. You may be wondering how we came up with this price for your dog. Dog insurance costs vary based on several factors specific to your dog, including:

  1. Your dog's age

  2. Breed

  3. Gender

  4. Whether your dog has been spayed/neutered*

  5. The cost of veterinary care where you live

Set your monthly price by adjusting your deductible

Once you get a quote, choose your dog's monthly premium by selecting a deductible from $0 to $1,000. This gives you the flexibility to set a price that fits your budget. You might consider a low deductible for a puppy in its "getting into mischief" phase, and a higher deductible for an adult dog whose habits are generally predictable. Plus, you can change your deductible at any time without penalty simply by giving us a call.

What will cause my premium to change?

Over the life of your dog, you may see periodic adjustments to your dog's premium, which may be an increase, a decrease, or no change at all. Premium changes are due to the average cost of dogs similar to yours based on our claims experiences and inflation. You can learn more about our premium changes here.

You will never see an automatic increase to your premium as a result of filing a claim. We know that you have no control over whether your canine friend gets sick or injured, which is why we don't penalize policyholders with increased premiums.

*Terms and conditions apply. See the policy for details.

 3 Reasons to Choose Trupanion

  1. One Simple Plan

    One simple and comprehensive plan

  2. 90% Coverage

    We cover 90% of actual veterinary costs*

  3. No Payout Limits

    No dollar limits on the cost of care if your pet becomes sick or injured


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