Puppy Insurance

happy puppy Congratulations on your new addition! Now is the best time to think about pet insurance and we’re so pleased you’re planning ahead. Puppies are curious creatures and you might be surprised at how high claim rates are for young dogs.

Though we offer just one simple pet insurance plan for all dogs and cats, we wanted to take a moment to explain the benefits of enrolling your pet at a young age. Purchasing puppy health insurance now helps protect your dog in case of accidents. Puppies tend to be unpredictable in their youth. By enrolling your dog now, you can limit the probability that any medical condition will be labeled “pre-existing”.


Because you've got a young, unpredictable puppy, we recommend starting out with a low-deductible policy. This can come in handy if your puppy gets into lots of trouble. As your puppy becomes more mature and predictable in its behavior, you can choose a higher deductible (which means a lower monthly premium) simply by giving us a call at any time.


Trupanion is also less expensive when you insure your dog between the ages of eight weeks and one year. Because your premium is based on the age group at which you enrolled your pet, signing up now would give you the puppy age factor when we calculate your premium.


In order to receive full coverage, your puppy must be spayed or neutered within a specific time frame. As outlined in our policy, there are coverage exclusions if your puppy is not spayed/neutered by its first birthday or as per your veterinarian's medical recommendations. Should you choose to keep your pet intact, you may opt to enroll your puppy as a breeding dog to receive full coverage.

So long as your dog is enrolled before his or her 14th birthday, we offer lifetime coverage even if your dog lives to be 29 years old.

Sample Claims

Aldo, 5 months old
Swallowed corn cob
Trupanion paid $572.18

Lola, 7 months old
Bufo toad toxicity
Trupanion paid $1,264.84

Sugar, 6 months old
Trampoline accident
Trupanion paid $1,842.19