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Dog Insurance

Responsible pet owners across the US and Canada trust Trupanion for dog insurance. Because one in two pets will experience a major healthcare crisis during his or her lifetime1, you need a partner you can rely on to help cover unexpected vet costs.

With no payout limits and no restriction on hereditary illnesses, Trupanion dog insurance ensures that your canine friends can take advantage of the latest advances in veterinary care. If your dog develops cancer, diabetes, hip dysplasia or another major health condition, you can count on us to worry about the cost of emergency veterinary care so you don’t have to.

Trupanion offers simple and easy to use pet insurance for your dog with no restrictions on the care required; see our sample policy for more details. Monthly dog insurance premiums are determined by your location and your dog’s breed, gender and age at time of enrollment.

We’re pet owners too, and we want to work with you for the health of your dog. Count on us to help make claims easy and to give you the benefit of the doubt when you most need it. But don’t take our word for it: talk to your veterinary team about their experiences with Trupanion.

1Source: Survey: "Trupanion's Use of Addressable Minds," April 2010, conducted for Trupanion pet insurance provider by Onufrey Group LLC

The High Cost of Dog Accidents & Illnesses

Cost Without
Trupanion Would Cover:
With a
$0 Deductible
With a
$500 Deductible
With a
$1000 Deductible
foreign body
$7,552 $6,797 $6,347 $5,897
Vomiting &
$1,767 $1,590 $1,140 $690
Broken leg $3,856 $3,470 $3,030 $2,570
Ear infection $4,253 $3,828 $3,378 $2,928
Diabetes $8,550 $7,695 $7,245 $6,795