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Dog Insurance

Those nose marks on the car window, the clacking of claws on hard floors, that frantically wiggling butt when you return home from work: it’s the little things that bring joy to dog owners on a daily basis. At Trupanion, we are dog lovers too, and we understand the special bond between you and your dog. This is why we've created quality dog insurance for your best friend.

With no payout limits and no restriction on hereditary illnesses, Trupanion dog insurance ensures that your canine friends can take advantage of the latest advances in veterinary care. If your dog develops cancer, diabetes, hip dysplasia or another major health condition, you can count on us to worry about the cost of emergency veterinary care so you don’t have to1.

If you're new to dog insurance, it may feel a little overwhelming because there is a lot to learn. We've broken down the information into easy-to-digest sections so you can be sure that you're getting the right insurance coverage for your dog.

1. Terms and conditions apply. Please see our  sample policy for details.

All About Dog Insurance from Trupanion

Dog Coverage: Understanding Trupanion's dog insurance coverage is easy. What is covered? What is not covered? Here, we'll answer those questions as well as describe the additional types of coverage you may add on optionally. Or, feel free to skip right to our  sample policy.

Cost: While the most accurate way to learn about cost is by getting a quote, we'd like to give you the full run-down. Here, we go over how premiums are determined and what might cause your dog insurance premium to change over time.

Puppy Insurance: Young puppies are great candidates for pet insurance because they are new to the world and you never know what they might get into. Let us tell you more about the benefits of puppy insurance and why you're on the right track by researching puppy insurance today.

If you are confident with your dog insurance knowledge, we encourage you to simply get a quote right now.

The High Cost of Dog Accidents & Illnesses
Cost Without
Trupanion Would Cover:
With a
$0 Deductible
With a
$500 Deductible
With a
$1000 Deductible
foreign body
$7,552 $6,797 $6,347 $5,897
Vomiting &
$1,767 $1,590 $1,140 $690
Broken leg $3,856 $3,470 $3,030 $2,570
Ear infection $4,253 $3,828 $3,378 $2,928
Diabetes $8,550 $7,695 $7,245 $6,795