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You provide the sunglasses, we'll provide the pet insurance.

Your dog is used to a fabulous lifestyle playing outdoors, swimming, running, and walking with you in the cool of the evening. Your cats help you get up in the morning, they chase and tumble around, then sleep soundly until they demand to be fed. They are the masters of your household.

We know that dogs and cats in the LA area have a sunny disposition (pun intended) on life, and we'd like to see them get the veterinary care they need so they can live to a ripe, old age.

Why Trupanion?

We believe all cats and dogs deserve the best medical insurance coverage available. When your pet becomes sick or injured, we can help with the veterinary costs of diagnostic tests, surgeries, medications, hospitalizations, and more. We also cover herbal therapies, supplements, and prescription diets.

Our medical insurance plan for dogs and cats provides 90% coverage with no payout limits.* Because there are no caps on coverage, your pet can get all the veterinary care they need without you worrying about reaching a cut-off point.

See any veterinarian

You can go to any licensed veterinarian in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. So if you are traveling with your pet and something happens, you can still ask for the best veterinary care. Plus, you can take your pet to any emergency veterinary hospital or veterinary specialist, whether you are traveling or right at home.

When your dog is running full-blast at Runyon Canyon or splashing around at Huntington Dog Beach, and when your cats are roughhousing, medical insurance for your pet can help you can rest more easily with the peace of mind it provides.

Sample claims from pets in Los Angeles

Coco, 2-year-old mixed breed

Diagnosis: bilateral patellar luxation surgery

Trupanion paid: $3,662

Mika, 9-month-old Domestic Shorthair

Diagnosis: alopecia

Trupanion paid: $310

Milo, 3-month-old Cane Corso

Diagnosis: pneumonia

Trupanion paid: $114

Gyro, 3-year-old Chartreux

Diagnosis: colitis

Trupanion paid: $1,211

*Terms and conditions apply. See the policy for details.


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