Policy Overview

What is covered
Trupanion covers 90% of the actual costs of veterinary care should your pet become sick or injured. This includes diagnostic testing, surgeries, medications, treatment, hospitalization, supplements, therapeutic pet foods*, orthotic devices, prosthetic devices, and carts. Medical care from emergency veterinary clinics and veterinary specialists is also covered.

*Note: We cover ½ of the cost of therapeutic pet food, then we provide a discount to your premium after 2 months of coverage.

No limits
With your policy, you will have unlimited coverage for your pet with no limits per claim, per year, or over the life of your pet.

Lifetime deductible
You have the option of adding a deductible to your policy which may be changed at any time. The deductible is the portion of the claim for which you are responsible before Trupanion will make claims payment. The deductible only needs to be met once per incident or condition for the life of the policy.

Rider A - Additional Care Package
When you add this optional package to your core policy you are covered for all the services your veterinarian recommends, including the following 17 treatments:

Behavioral modification
Bone marrow transplants
Colloidal silver treatment
Gold seed therapy
Herbal therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Kidney transplants
Physical and rehabilitative therapy
Platelet rich plasma injection
Polyethylene glycol medication
Shockwave therapy
Stem cell therapy

Rider B – Pet Owner Assistance Package
This package is often purchased by renters, people who travel frequently or per owners who are concerned about their pet, should they have medical issues themselves. These optional benefits are available subject to an additional premium. Included in this package are coverage for advertising and reward costs if your pet becomes lost, boarding fees during pet owner hospitalization, trip cancellation costs if your pet needs urgent medical treatment, cremation or burial costs, and third party property damage.

Waiting periods
Accident coverage begins 5 days following the policy enrollment date and illness coverage (including congenital and hereditary disorders) begins 30 days following the policy enrollment date. Please note that illnesses showing clinical signs during the 30 day waiting period will not be included.

What is not covered
Trupanion's policy does not cover veterinary examination fees, pre-existing conditions, routine care, preventive care and diseases preventable by vaccines and prophylactic medications (for example, roundworms and fleas).Alternative therapies are also excluded from coverage unless the Additional Care Package is purchased (see above). See Section 2 of our policy for more details.

  • A pre-existing condition is any condition for which evidence and/or signs already exist at the time of enrollment, during waiting periods, or during the 18 months prior to enrollment.
  • Routine care is any treatment that is an expected or planned expense, including but not limited to spaying or neutering the pet, wellness exams, preventive care, nail trims, and dental cleanings.

There are coverage limitations* for pets that have not been spayed or neutered prior to their first birthday, within 60 days of adoption, or within a time frame of their veterinarian's medical recommendation. Some examples of conditions not covered for pets in this category are testicular tumors, mammary tumors, and uterine and ovarian conditions. See our sample policy for full details.

*Pets enrolled as a breeding animal for an additional premium factor will receive the breeding endorsement which waives these limitations.

Recent improvements to the policy

Trupanion has recently enhanced our policy with changes that will be beneficial to many policyholders. The following is a comprehensive list of these changes.

Hip Dysplasia
Hip dysplasia is covered for all pets as part of the core policy coverage.

Optional benefits
Optional benefits are now available to all pets of all ages with our Rider A and Rider B packages for an additional cost. See Section 2, paragraph c. in our sample policy.

Working pets*
We now cover working pets including service and therapy dogs; law enforcement dogs; search and rescue dogs; herding, hunting, and sled dogs; guard dogs; and breeding cats and dogs. See Section 2, paragraph b. in our sample policy.

Orthotic devices, prosthetic devices, and carts*: Core coverage has been extended to include these devices. See Section 2, paragraph a. (6). in our sample policy.

Therapeutic pet foods*
We cover ½ of the cost of therapeutic pet food purchased through your veterinarian to assist in the care of your pet for 2 months, then the coverage converts to a discount on your premium.

We cover supplements purchased through your veterinarian for the treatment of illness or injury.

For complete information, please take a look at our sample policy.

*Availability is subject to regulatory approval in your area.