Policy Overview

The below policy details apply to residents of Canada, and all US states.

Trupanion is committed to providing the best value in pet insurance.

  • Our policy covers 90% of the costs related to unexpected illnesses or injuries.*
  • Your 90% reimbursement is calculated from your actual veterinary invoice, not from a predetermined benefits schedule.
  • You determine the monthly premium amount that suits your budget.
  • You choose you deductible amount – from none at all, to any amount between $50 and $1,000.
  • You can go to any veterinary practice, emergency care, or specialty hospital in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
  • If your pet needs us, we won't stop paying for their care. That means that as long as your pet has our policy's insurance, there are no payment limits for covered illnesses and injuries per condition, per year, or for the lifetime of your pet.
  • Our policy covers all hereditary and congenital conditions, as long as symptoms or signs are not present prior to enrollment or policy waiting periods.
  • We don't have any breed-specific health exclusions. All pets enrolled over 8 weeks and under 14 years of age can receive lifelong coverage.

Trupanion’s policy was created with you in mind

Effective dates may vary depending on location. Please see below for your effective date.1

We believe medical insurance for cats and dogs should be easy to understand, so we’ve worked really hard to make our policy as “un-insurance-like” as possible. We also believe in transparency, and we want you to understand what you’re buying.

This overview provides the highlights of our policy, but it is not a substitute for the full pet insurance policy. We encourage you to take some time to familiarize yourself with the full policy and the details of the coverage.

We cover: The actual cost you incur for the veterinary treatment of your pet for unexpected illnesses and injuries. We do not have claim payment limits, so you can continue to get veterinary treatment as long as your pet needs it.

Your monthly premium is based on several factors that reflect the cost of treating illnesses and injuries for pets similar to yours who also live in the area where you live. Besides your pet’s breed, age at the time of enrollment, gender, and your geographical location, the amount you selected as your deductible (if any) also impacts your premium amount. The lower your deductible amount, the higher your premium, and vice versa. 

Finally, if you include any of our optional riders, your premium cost would increase.

What you pay: While we cover 90% of veterinarian costs that arise from your pet getting sick or injured, we ask you to cover a few items, too:

  • Veterinary examination fees
  • Deductible (if you choose to have one)
  • 10% coinsurance
  • Sales tax, where applicable
  • Costs not covered by this policy

Recovery and Complementary Care Rider: When you add this optional package to your core pet insurance policy for an additional cost, the following 7 alternative care treatments are eligible for coverage. This means you are covered for all the services your veterinarian recommends to treat covered conditions.

  • Rehabilitative therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Behavioral modification and therapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Naturopathy

Pet Owner Assistance Package: This package helps you cover some non-medical costs in certain unforeseen situations. It is often purchased by renters or people who travel frequently. These optional benefits are available subject to an additional premium:

  • Liability coverage for third-party property damage
  • Advertising and reward
  • Boarding fees if you become hospitalized
  • Vacation cancellation costs
  • Cremation or burial fees2

Breeding Rider: Covers illnesses and injuries relating to breeding, whelping, and queening. Learn more about our breeding pet rider.

Dental coverage: Healthy teeth are important for a healthy body. We are here to help. We ask that you do your part to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy. Learn more about our dental coverage, including what we cover, what you must do to receive dental coverage, and dental treatments we don’t cover in our sample policy.

Prescription foods, herbal therapy, and supplements: We understand that these products can be valid and important ways to treat certain illnesses and injuries. If you choose to use any of these, they must be recommended by a veterinarian who has the right credentials to do so. Learn more about these products and our policy's coverage of them in our sample policy.

Pet owner responsibilities: We care about and promote responsible pet ownership, which means you are responsible for the basic care and maintenance of your pet. For example, you must keep your pet appropriately vaccinated and protected against illnesses including internal and external parasites. See more about the things you must do and what we won’t cover if you do not follow these guidelines in our sample policy.

What we do not cover: Our coverage does not extend to payments for pre-existing conditions or preventive care treatments such as vaccinations, flea control, or deworming. These are considered part of the everyday care of your pet. See more about pre-existing conditions, preventive care, and other exclusions in our sample policy.

1. Effective date of May 1, 2016 in Canada and the following US states and the District of Columbia: Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio,  Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Effective date of May 15, 2016 for the following US states: Arkansas, Hawaii, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Utah.

Effective date of June 1, 2016 for the following US states: Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut,  Georgia, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, and Wyoming.

Effective date of July 1, 2016 for the following US states: Indiana, Minnesota, New York, and South Carolina.

Effective date of July 15, 2016 for Massachusetts, Missouri, Oregon, and Texas.

Effective date of August 1, 2016 for Florida.

Effective date of August 15, 2016 for Maryland.

Effective date of September 1, 2016 for New Hampshire.

2. Up to $100 in cremation or burial fees are covered should the pet pass away due to an accident.

*Terms and conditions apply. See the policy for details.

 3 Reasons to Choose Trupanion

  1. One Simple Plan

    One simple and comprehensive plan

  2. 90% Coverage

    We cover 90% of actual veterinary costs*

  3. No Payout Limits

    No dollar limits on the cost of care if your pet becomes sick or injured


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