Learn About Pre-Existing Conditions

When researching pet insurance, you'll likely come across the term "pre-existing condition." To help you better understand how pet insurance coverage works, we’ve provided some explanations about what pre-existing conditions are and how they relate to pet insurance.

What is a pre-existing condition?

The Trupanion policy defines a pre-existing condition as an illness or condition that first occurred or showed symptoms during the 18-months before enrollment or waiting periods. A pre-existing condition can also be an injury or reocurrence of an injury that happened during that time.

Bilateral pre-existing conditions

A bilateral condition can also be considered pre-existing if your pet experienced the issue on one side prior to policy coverage. For example, if your pet ruptured a cruciate ligament prior to coverage, then the cruciate ligament on the opposite leg would not be eligible for coverage if an injury occurs. Another example of a bilateral condition is luxating patella.

Why doesn’t pet insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Pet insurance helps prepare for unexpected illnesses and injuries. In “insurance speak,” it is designed to protect an individual’s financial wellbeing in case of potential future losses. By definition, a pre-existing condition is not unexpected nor a future loss and therefore uninsurable.

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