Why should I insure my pet?

Your pet is family

The bond between pet owners and their pets is stronger than ever. Many pet owners consider their pet part of the family, and many would do anything to give their pet a long, happy, healthy life.

You want the best care for your pet

And now many pet owners can. Advances in veterinary medicine over the past decade give pet owners access to cutting-edge therapies and treatments available in human medicine. Veterinary medicine today allows us to give our pets the best care—but these advanced treatments and therapies also come with a cost.

You want to protect your pet, and your finances

While veterinary medicine is far less expensive than human medicine, the costs can still put a strain on any pet owner hoping to pay out of pocket. Some of the most common injuries and illnesses, like a knee ligament rupture, can cost almost $3,000 to repair. 


Common veterinary expenses for dogs

Tears a knee ligament: $3,600
Eats something he shouldn’t: $1,400
Mass: $900


Common veterinary expenses for cats

Kidney disease: $1,100
Eats something she shouldn’t: $1,600
Urinary obstruction: $2,900

As advanced veterinary care becomes more available and costs increase, medical insurance for pets is rising in popularity and becoming an essential part of responsible pet ownership.

Just like with health insurance for other members of the family, medical insurance for a pet helps owners give their pet the best care, without worrying about the cost.

If these things ring true—why shouldn’t you insure your pet?

The concept of medical insurance for pets is fairly straightforward—pay a monthly premium to be covered for unexpected, costly veterinary expenses. That's where a Trupanion policy steps in

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