Celebrating Pets in the Workplace

Trupanion has been pet-friendly since the very beginning - when it was just the Founder and his dog, Charlie. And though we’re now a company of more than 300 employees and 90 pets, we still recognize the benefits every day of allowing pets in the workplace. For example, when we need to take a minute to process our thoughts, our furry friends are right by our side for petting. Or when we’re meeting a new coworker, our pets help break the ice. Want proof? Take a look at our videos, showing some of the dogs and cats that come to work with us every day.

Trupanion is a unique workplace that welcomes all dogs and cats, so long as they are well-behaved and abide by the rules. We do not set a cap on the number of pets allowed, and we don't have designated pet days. We currently have a 1:3 pet to employee ratio, one of the highest in the country, which includes over 80 dogs and 10 cats that come to work on a regular basis. Furry friends are just as welcome as humans in our building, thanks to our finely-tuned office pet policy.

Darryl Rawlings cuddles with Walter the Great Dane

Over the last several years, we have developed and tweaked our office pet rules to create a safe and productive environment for both employees and pets. We have a designated Pet Team of employees, including those with veterinary clinic and pet care facility experience who provide guidance and review incidents.

Employees at Trupanion have a clear understanding of our office pet rules which apply equally to everyone from interns to executives.

Allowing pets in the office creates an overall better place to work. Employees feel more inspired, more creative, and more comfortable. Executives take pride in seeing their employees happy and thriving. To the companies and employers out there who want to make their employees happier, feel more at home, and experience lower levels of stress, we invite them to look to Trupanion as a role model. Explore these pages for more information!