Live in the Workplace:
Dogs and Cats

Yes, it’s true: Trupanion allows both dogs AND cats in the office every single day! Some people don’t believe us – our daily phone calls typically include this discussion. And while we love talking about our office pets, we thought it might be easiest to just show them to you.

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Romeo, Trupanion's beloved Sphynx


Who are we watching?
For the dogs, you’re watching a pod that includes Lazlo, the Australian Labradoodle; Ava, the Italian Greyhound; Sadie, the Basset Hound mix; and Ellie, the Whippet mix. Lazlo, Sadie, and Ellie have been friends for just over a year now, with Ava coming on board a few weeks ago. You may notice Ellie navigating the area a bit differently than the rest, as Ellie has lost most of her sight in the last few months due to SARDS - Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome.

This pod often welcomes visitors, so you may also see Chavah, the Corgi puppy; Sophie, the German Shepherd; and Spider, the Bug puppy; among others.

For the cats, we chose Romeo, our beloved office Sphyx to showcase. You may see Romeo’s canine sister, Dizzy, also make an appearance (they like to hang out together), as well as Romeo’s other office mates: Robbie, the mixed breed, Half Pint, the Chihuahua, and Paisley, the mixed breed.

Do they all get along?
Yes! It’s hard for many people to believe, but we hardly ever have any incidents of pets not getting along in the office. Due to our very thorough pet policy, all pet owners and their pets know how to best integrate their pets into this environment, keeping incidents low. However, that doesn’t mean it never happens. You may see a love nip or a bark here and there.

Do they distract you while you’re working?
Sometimes. I mean, they are pretty cute and when they get playful it’s hard to ignore. But the small distractions never take us away from our goals and actually help us stay focused on our overall objective – helping pets just like these all across North America.

Where do they go to the bathroom?
We have designated areas outside the building for dogs to do their business. Dog owners typically take their dogs out for potty breaks several times a day, and then our full-time dog walking service offers every dog a longer walk with extra time for elimination.

Cat owners typically bring their own litter box, or use whatever method works best for their cat.

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