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Pet owner stories, testimonials and reviews brighten our day and paint the picture of pet insurance in action. We feel successful when we can help ease the financial strain for pet owners during an unexpected injury or illness, but we are not the hero. The real hero is you: the devoted, loving pet owner who will do whatever it takes for your sweet, furry (or bald) companion.
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"We would have not been able to afford or support Boone the way we needed to without the help of Trupanion and our veterinarian. . . .Our Boone Dog is home, getting better every day, and thriving because of Trupanion. Grateful doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this company.” - Stacie H.
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“Trupanion helped save Noodle and all the people who love him. I've recommended Trupanion to everyone with a pet, and plan to offer it to my employees and gift a year's worth of coverage to my friends who can't afford plans. . . .I can't thank them enough for their help.” - Brian O. and Michael D.



“If it were not for Trupanion I would have had to put down my beloved cat because I could not have afforded her surgery. If you love your pet, your beloved animal friend, your furry family member, please get them Trupanion. It may save their life one day!” - Leslee S.



“I am forever grateful to Trupanion. I could not have afforded the care and diagnostics without them. Had I not been given the diagnosis, I would have always wondered if I had failed Yo by not treating his pancreatitis properly. Instead I know he received the best care.” - Ellen V.



“The [veterinary costs] totaled over $10,000 and Trupanion paid 90%.* Without Trupanion, we don’t know how we would have paid for Bella’s treatment. . . .Thanks to Trupanion for all they are doing for Bella.” - Lynda S.



“Thanks to the Trupanion team, I was able to recover 90% of the costs that had accumulated to discover her little breathing condition. . . .Georgianna is a now a normal, happy, healthy, and rambunctious little kitten. Without the support from the whole team, this situation could have turned out very differently. ” - Mandy S.

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Receiving reviews, stories and testimonials puts a smile on our faces because it reminds us why we do what we do, and encourages us to continue supporting you to give your pet a healthy and happy life.

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 3 Reasons to Choose Trupanion

  1. One Simple Plan

    One simple and comprehensive plan

  2. 90% Coverage

    We cover 90% of actual veterinary costs*

  3. No Payout Limits

    No dollar limits on the cost of care if your pet becomes sick or injured


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