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Want to see what Trupanion Express is all about? Check out this quick video to see for yourself how it works. 

Trupanion Express

Designed with hospital teams in mind

  • Provide an exceptional experience for clients. The online claims process means clients no longer have to be reimbursed. You receive payment directly!
  • Know what’s covered before they go. Most claim decisions are made within 5 minutes. 
  • Simplify your workflow. File claims, submit preapprovals, and issue certificates with just a few clicks. No more printing and faxing claim forms.
  • Reduce credit card transaction fees and accounts receivable. We deposit claim payments directly into your hospital’s account daily.
  • Keep pharmacy sales within your hospital. With no need to wait for reimbursement checks, pet owners are more likely to use your in-house pharmacy and bypass the traditional reimbursement process that applies to pharmacies outside your hospital.

Trupanion Express has revolutionized the experience for hospitals across the US & Canada

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45,000+ claims paid directly to hospitals

$3,550,000+ paid to a single hospital in claims

Imagine a world where printing out and faxing or emailing claim forms didn’t exist. And where clients with pet insurance had their claims paid directly to your hospital’s bank account — so pet owners’ only out-of-pocket expense was for their portion of their bill. 

Well we’re here to tell you to stop imagining because this is the new reality with Trupanion Express!

Trupanion Express is a game-changing web application that communicates with your Practice Management System to provide benefits never before possible.

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