Trupanion has a proud tradition of continually setting “industry firsts” by creating the policy and service benefits that work best for veterinarians and pet owners. Trupanion Express is the industry’s next generation innovation. Trupanion Express is a new no-cost way of dramatically improving veterinary practice by revolutionizing pet insurance. With Trupanion Express, Trupanion can pay the vet directly instead of requiring the pet owner to come up with the full invoice amount up front, approve claims in under five minutes, increase practice revenue, and decrease paperwork, all with no transaction or administration costs to the vet or pet owner.

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Are You a Veterinarian Interested in
Trupanion Express for Your Practice?

Trupanion Express can revolutionize your practice by increasing revenue and decreasing paperwork. To find out more information please contact our vet support team toll free at 888.733.2670.

Are You a Member of the Media?

Our spokespeople are available to explain how Trupanion Express is revolutionizing the pet insurance industry. Please contact Heather Kalinowski at 206.607.1878 or for more information.