We've made the traditional pet insurance reimbursement model obsolete

Trupanion Express has changed the old pet insurance model by introducing instant billing and direct payments. Our unique web-based application makes it possible to submit claims online in seconds, eliminating paperwork, large upfront costs and reimbursements for your clients. With Trupanion Express at your hospital, you can deliver exceptional medical care for pets and not worry about discussing costs for best treatment options with pet owners. That’s what makes Trupanion a truly innovative medical insurance for cats and dogs, not just pet insurance.

Our technology saves you time with direct pay

We take care of your clients’ bills and simplify your workflow, so all you have to focus on is taking care of pets. Best of all, we can pay you directly, before your clients even leave the building.


Submit claims and pre-approvals online.


Claim decisions made in less than 5 minutes.


Your clients pay their portion of the bill at checkout.


We pay directly to you, reducing your credit card fees up to 90%.

Accomplish more with just a few clicks

Seamlessly communicating with your practice management system, Trupanion Express is easy to install and operate. View appointments for the day, see which pets have coverage, check claims status, and offer certificates to new clients with a few simple clicks.

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Trupanion Express is a win-win for veterinarians and pet owners

Pets get the treatment they need, your clients don't have the anxiety of unexpected expenses, and your team can practice best medicine without having to discount or negotiate fees!

Ensure a healthier bottom line for your hospital

  • Simplify your workflow. Submit online claims with just a few clicks.

  • Offer new certificates electronically. Grow your insured client base with instant activations from their email inbox or smartphone.

  • Reduce your credit card transaction fees and accounts receivable. We deposit claim payments directly into your bank account daily.

  • Keep pharmacy sales within your hospital. Pet owners are more likely to use your in-house pharmacy during the checkout process since they don’t need to wait for reimbursement checks.

Create an exceptional experience for your clients

  • Quick and easy checkout process. Pet owners will know the status of their claim decision in minutes during the checkout without the hassle of filing paper claims.

  • No more waiting for reimbursements. Your clients don't have to worry about out-of-pocket costs for the full bill and reimbursement checks. Instead, they only pay their portion of the bill.

  • Peace of mind. Pet owners can say “yes” to your recommended treatment plan and make decisions based on medical, not financial factors.

Check out these Frequently Asked Questions for additional details.

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