TruSupport: Trupanion Customer Advocates Answer Your Questions

Got questions about the Trupanion policy and pet insurance coverage? Get your answers directly from our Customer Care Advocates who are well-versed in our policy. Paige, Stella, and Tric have answered some of our most common questions in their own words to help guide you through your pet insurance research. Find out more about coverage, deductibles, and claims. Simply click on your question below to see the answer.


I'm here to help: What questions do you have about Trupanion?

Paige and Binky

Paige has the answers to:


Just give me a ring and I will walk you through any questions you have.


Got questions for Stella? She'll go over:


Customer advocate & proud owner of Guthrie, the wonder Aussie Shepherd mix!

Tric and Guthrie

Tric will explain: