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Trupanion has helped
practices across North
America increase client
visits and practice best
medicine by making
pet insurance easy.

As the fastest growing provider of pet insurance in North America,1 we want to help you provide veterinary treatment for dogs and cats who are sick or injured. Our medical insurance for pets improves the likelihood that you will be able provide a higher level of care and save more pets. On the business side, our medical insurance can boost your bottom line and allow you to talk medicine, not money.

At Trupanion we like to keep things simple and concentrate on providing your clients with great medical insurance. We offer:

  • One simple plan*
  • 90% reimbursement of the cost of eligible treatments
  • No pay out limits

Pet Insurance Is a Win-Win-Win

Insured pet owners are three times more likely to visit a veterinarian than those who are uninsured.2 By removing money from the equation, owners with pet insurance are more likely to go in for a consultation at the first sign of a problem. They know that Trupanion will cover 90% of the cost (less the exam fee, their deductible, and applicable taxes).3

The earlier pets are insured, the more the pet owners—and you—can benefit.4 If every puppy or kitten that your practice sees starts and stays insured through Trupanion, they could be covered for all accidents and illnesses, forever. Even hereditary and congenital conditions are covered.

Learn about our policy or see a sample of our policy.


Our experience of working with thousands of hospitals means we understand how to work with a busy practice. We have dedicated teams throughout the business who will help to ensure every Trupanion touchpoint adds value to your pet insurance experience.

Silhouette of a dog and cat What's more, unlike our competitors, we have over 50 pet insurance experts across North America who are on hand to provide training, guidance and support, at your convenience.

Getting Involved Is Easy

  1. Call us toll free at 877.589.1862 or email us at vetengage@trupanion.com.
  2. We will send you our Hospital Starter Pack, which has the basic materials that you need to get started.
  3. We will follow up to address any questions and provide training, if needed.

Our Certificate Program

vet certificate For dogs and cats over 8 weeks and under 14 years old, this program offers pet owners 30 days of our comprehensive pet medical insurance coverage with no upfront costs or waiting periods.

You can give your clients our certificate following a physical examination. This provides clients with a simple introduction to pet insurance.

See our Certificate FAQs for more details.

We Work with 1000s of Hospitals

We have dedicated teams throughout our business who will help to ensure every Trupanion touchpoint adds value to your pet insurance experience.

What’s more, unlike our competitors, we have the largest pet insurance experts (Territory Partners) across North America who are on hand to provide training, guidance, and support, at your convenience.

Find your Territory Partner on our map.

But Don't Take Our Word For It

"Trupanion is the most straight-forward and simple plan to discuss with clients."
Peter H. Eeg, DVM, Poolesville Veterinary Clinic, Poolesville, MD5

“The 30-day promotional certificates make it easy to have the conversation about pet health insurance with clients.”
Janine Oliver, DVM, Adams Farm Animal Hospital, Greensboro, NC5

Want to Know More?

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1. Based on data compiled from NAPHIA’s 2010 North American Pet Health Insurance Industry Report.
2., 3., 4. Based on our own research and analysis.
5. These are unpaid endorsements.