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Trupanion is the leading authority for pet health insurance in North America. We pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive coverage for pet owners, helping to support the ongoing health and well-being of dogs and cats regardless of breed, species or location.

Veterinarians - Why offer pet insurance?

Insured pet owners are three times more likely to visit the vet than those that are uninsured. A pet insurance policy provides your clients with the peace of mind that they can offer their pet the recommended treatment, without having to consider the costs involved.

Trupanion makes things simple for both pets and vets - we offer one simple plan1, pay out 90% of veterinarian costs and have no limits. This means our support is ongoing for the life of the pet.

Learn more about Trupanion Express, direct payment to vets.


Silhouette of a dog and cat Our experience of working with thousands of hospitals means we understand how to work with a busy practice. We have dedicated teams throughout the business who will help to ensure every Trupanion touchpoint adds value to your pet insurance experience.

What's more, unlike our competitors, we have over 50 pet insurance experts across North America who are on hand to provide training, guidance and support, at your convenience.

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Alternatively you can email our dedicated team at vetengage@trupanion.com

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Our Certificate Program

vet certificate Trupanion has a 30-day certificate program which provides pet owners the chance to try our insurance without any expense.

A certificate can easily be issued in practice following a health check from a veterinarian. Once activated by the customer, they will benefit from 30 days of coverage - without the need for any payment. The certificate is a great platform for pet owners to see the benefits of pet insurance first-hand and they take very little effort to distribute.

Still have questions about our program? Read our Vet Certificate FAQs.

But Don't Take Our Word For It

"Trupanion is the most straight-forward and simple plan to discuss with clients."

Peter H. Eeg, DVM, Poolesville Veterinary Clinic, Poolesville, MD2

"The 30-day promotional certificates make it easy to have the conversation about pet health insurance with clients."

Janine Oliver, DVM, Adams Farm Animal Hospital, Greensboro, NC2

1 We pay 90% of eligible costs, less exam fees and sales tax, where applicable. Read our sample policy here.
2 This is an unpaid endorsement.

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