No Payout Limits

With Trupanion, your pet receives unlimited lifetime pet insurance coverage. Trupanion does not impose any per incident limits, annual limits, or lifetime limits on the amount of care your pet can receive.

Because there are no restrictive limits, you can choose optimal veterinary care for your pet in times of need without having the worry of reaching various limits. We strive to make coverage simple for a policyholder so that they do not need to face the possibility of hitting a financial ceiling or having to "ration" coverage allowances. We are pet owners and pet lovers too, which is why we want to help you provide the best treatment for your dog or cat in case an accident or illness should occur.

With pet medical insurance coverage from Trupanion, you don’t have to worry about any caps, limits, or restrictions. This means you can focus on providing your pet with the best medical care possible to ensure they live a happy and healthy life.